What did MrBeast do? YouTuber's television advertisement rejected for being 'non compliant'

Feastable's TV advertisement gets rejected (image via @MrBeast/Twitter)
Feastable's TV advertisement gets rejected (image via @MrBeast/Twitter)

MrBeast AKA Jimmy Donaldson, has yet again landed himself in a controversy. This time for his newly launched chocolate bar - The Feastables. In a video shared by the YouTuber himself, he compares his chocolate bars to the popular Hershey's bars.

He shared a video of the television advertisement, saying

“I tried to run this as a national tv commercial but apparently it’s 'non compliant' lol."

What exactly is in the advertisement shared by MrBeast?

The famous YouTuber known for creating larger-than-life videos on YouTube did something that got his newest ventures’ television ad rejected and being called ‘non-compliant.’ In the ad, he is seen comparing his chocolate bar, Feastables, to the famous chocolate brand, Hershey's.

In the ad, he calls out Hershey's chocolate as a bar that does not taste that good. He doesn’t stop there and pins Hershey's for adding too many ingredients to their chocolate bars.

Compared to Hershey's chocolate, he calls his feastables great-tasting and bars that only have a handful of ingredients. On top of that, he claims his brand of chocolate is made of "higher quality ingredients."

Hence, the television advertisement was rejected for being non-compliant as the YouTuber bashed the other brand relentlessly.

Sharing this advertisement on his Twitter account, he also adds, “Full disclosure I think YouTube is infinitely better for conversion and tv commercials suck. Just wanted to compare how bad commercials were for sales lol. Anyways, buy some chocolate - feastables.com”

The hype around the newly launched Feastables

Known for massive stunts and huge giveaways, MrBeast has launched his chocolate bar, which he claims to be made of 5 ingredients. Not just this, the brand endorses itself by calling its product.

"Deliciously creamy and made out of grass-fed milk."
Chocolate brand 'Feastables' (Image via @MrBeast/Twitter)
Chocolate brand 'Feastables' (Image via @MrBeast/Twitter)

Being gluten-free, this chocolate comes in a wide variety of flavors like Almond, Quinoa crunch, original, and chocolate sea salt, which makes this chocolate a pretty healthy option.

The entire idea behind this comes from his personal life itself. Donaldson, AKA MrBeast, has Crohn's Disease, and the idea was to create a fun treat with a limited number of ingredients.

Donaldson's history of controversies

While there is no denying that he is one of the most prominent YouTubers in the world, he manages to stir up controversies now and then.

He recently posted on Twitter saying that YouTube creators should be able to use music without getting a copyright strike. While many other YouTubers have gone on record and said the same, this post received quite a few mixed reactions.

Apart from this, MrBeast’s latest and much-awaited Willy Wonka video steered up a controversy when Liz Marek, a famous cake decorator, and social media personality, accused Donaldson of stealing a TikTok creator's concept. She even posted a video claiming how she was asked to make the cake but was later not hired.

Although she doesn’t name anyone in the video, the comment section made it clear who the video was all about!

Nonetheless, none of these controversies take away the fact that people are relishing his brand's chocolates because of all the wellness claims used for marketing purposes. Though the advertisement has now been rejected for bashing Hershey's, the video shared by MrBeast has more than 1.2 million views, with thousands of likes and comments.

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