Why is SPOTIFY CORRUPT trending on Twitter? Fans enraged at HYBE as Kim Tae-hyung's 'Slow Dancing' data gets deleted from the music platform

Featuring Kim Tae-hyung (Image via Bighit Entertainment)
Featuring Kim Tae-hyung (Image via Bighit Entertainment)

"Spotify Corrupt" has been trending on social media due to the sudden disappearance of Slow Dancing Data, the main track of Kim Tae-hyung's debut album Layover, from the streaming platform Spotify on September 14, 2023.

From September 8, the day Kim Tae-hyung released Slow Dancing, to September 13, the song was in the Top 20 on the Daily Top Songs Chart in most countries.

However, on September 14, all of its data disappeared from the chart, indicating the manipulation of V's Slow Dancing data in an attempt to impact Kim Tae-hyung's position on several music charts.

Fans were streaming consistently and putting in their efforts, including a Layover stream party among dedicated supporters and motivating each other on social media. However, they were astonished to see the disappearance of the main track's data from the aforementioned chart.

Now, fans have been trending "Spotify Corrupt" and consistently asking the platform for a valid explanation for the disappearance.

Fans want Spotify and HYBE to restore data relating to Kim Tae-hyung's title track, Slow Dancing

Presently, fans are angrily trending "Spotify Corrupt," "HYBE Corrupt," and "GEFFEN RECORDS CORRUPT" on social media to express their resentment against the abrupt disappearance of Kim Tae-hyung's Slow Dancing data from Spotify's Daily Top Songs Chart in most countries.

They are wondering why every possible error seems to be happening only with V. Initially, his pre-order albums were abruptly canceled, resulting in deleted sales from Hanteo and the US iTunes chart. CD deliveries were delayed even after fans had pre-ordered them months ago.

Inadequate promotions for "Layover" in foreign countries, a lack of playlisting for the title track, and now the removal of the entire data of Slow Dancing for a whole day from Spotify, which eventually affected Kim Tae-hyung's position on music charts, have been causing concern among fans.

Fans want fair treatment for the idol and are complaining about the current issues on social media, writing:

"Slow Dancing by V on Spotify has been labeled as a 'Re-Entry' on the Daily Top Songs Chart in most countries. The song was charting on Sept 13, wrongly disappeared on Sept 14 & has been marked as “re-entry” for Sept 15. Fix it asap."

Check out how fans are protecting Kim Tae-hyung and demanding an explanation from Spotify to correct their errors on social media:

Fans are also complaining about the unavailability of weekly data for the Slow Dancing debut week, indicating a lack of professionalism on Spotify's part, and they want these errors corrected as soon as possible.

Fans only want HYBE to carry out their work properly to protect Kim Tae-hyung from unwanted troubles. However, since the release of Layover, it seems like the agency hasn't been able to protect him completely. Unlike the fans who are working tirelessly day and night to stream and purchase songs to ensure Layover will be a success.

Presently, fans are trending "Spotify Corrupt" on social media to restore the lost data of Slow Dancing for September 14 on the aforementioned chart.

It should also be noted that the other tracks from Layover, including Love Me Again, Rainy Days, For Us, and Slow Dancing instrumental, had their data preserved on the aforementioned music chart, but the data for the title track was deleted, raising suspicions.

Fans want Spotify to correct its errors, and they are doing everything they can to restore Kim Tae-hyung's Slow Dancing data on social media.

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