Nike Air Max 1 x Puerto Rican Day “Orange Frost” shoes: Where to get, release date, price, and more details explored

Nike Air Max 1 shoes (Image via Nike)
Nike Air Max 1 shoes (Image via Nike)

The Beaverton’s athletic wear business has paid various tributes to Puerto Rico, but the 2023 celebratory variants of the Nike Air Max 1 appear to be the most interesting ones as their design is guided by the nation’s popular ice cream flavors. The Swoosh design team crafted two colorways, "Orange Frost" and "Blue Gale."

Currently, we have the official images and release information of the former, and fans will have to stick around for the launch dates of the latter. The Nike Air Max 1 x Puerto Rican Day "Orange Frost" shoe is slated to hit the shelves on June 6, 2023. With a retail price label of $140 USD per pair, they will be sold by the online stores of the Nike SNKRS app and a few other affiliated retail merchants.

Nike Air Max 1 x Puerto Rican Day “Orange Frost” shoes are inspired by the nation’s popular frozen dessert

Here's a detailed look at the upcoming sneakers and accompanying accessories (Image via Sportskeeda)
Here's a detailed look at the upcoming sneakers and accompanying accessories (Image via Sportskeeda)

Nike's expansive repertoire of special-edition trainers observing numerous cultural occasions as well as festivities has been both lauded and criticized, particularly in its efforts to honor New York City's yearly Puerto Rican Day Parade.

Previous gaffes have undermined their efforts, such as incorrectly positioning the Puerto Rican flag and mistakenly utilizing Panamanian indigenous patterns on Air Force 1s.

The Swoosh will look to take in a fresh path in terms of silhouette and inspiration for 2023, borrowing influence from exquisite Puerto Rican delicacies on the latest iterations of the Air Max 1.

Piragua, a frozen dessert made of shaved ice and flavored syrup, was the inspiration for the shape and coloring of not one, but two different Nike Air Max 1 iterations. Both the Puerto Rican Day special iterations are brilliantly colored in blue and orange schemes. While the former is known as “Blue Gale,” the latter is named “Orange Frost.”

Nike recently revealed the official launch date of the orange colorway, while the release of the blue variant is expected to happen in the new few weeks. The description of the new Air Max 1 x Puerto Rican Day “Orange Frost” colorway on the website reads,

“Qué calor! Grab your towel, favorite flavor of helado (coco, parcha, piña) and this refreshing Air Max 1. Honoring Boricua life, the design takes you from the city to the water's edge with thirst-quenching style. These colors celebrate the icy, fruit-flavored treats savored throughout Puerto Rico, while helado cart graphics brings the orgullo of home straight to your feet. Of course, we had to frost the outsole—so watch out for brain freeze.”

The "Orange Frost" includes a modified design of said delicious, with popular flavors printed on the shoe's box, comparable to its cool-toned counterpart, Blue Gale. The Orange shoe is covered in Orange Frost/Citron Pulse-Coconut Milk scheme. Here, Puerto Rico lettering is embroidered on the right heel counter, alongside the characteristic Nike Air Max lettering on the left heel counter.

Furthermore, the gold dubraes are also etched with similar Puerto Rico lettering for more detail. The complete shoe is adorned with a brilliant palette of bright oranges as well as brighter pinks.

So far, the 2023 celebratory colorway, Orange Frost, has been well-received by the sneaker community as well as by Latin fans.

Set your calendars for the soon-to-be-released Nike Air Max 1 x Puerto Rican Day “Orange Frost” rendition that will be purchasable in the next few days. Fans and other curious shoppers can join the SNKRS app for quick alerts as soon as the shoe drops for purchase.

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