“Oh my god, Taylor, please”: Southern Charm fans react as Taylor Ann Green makes excuses for Shep Rose’s “abusive” behavior

Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green from Southern Charm
Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green from Southern Charm (Image via relationshep/Instagram)

Southern Charm Season 8 aired its Episode 12 on Thursday, September 8, 2022, on Bravo, featuring the ladies of Charleston enjoying a girls’ night out.

Leva Bonaparte organized the evening at a restaurant bar where Naomi Olindo, Kathryn Dennis, Olivia Flowers, Taylor Ann Green, and Venita Aspen were in attendance. One of the many conversations that the ladies had was Taylor and Shep Rose’s relationship.

Earlier, when the group went to Auldbrass, Shep cursed his girlfriend, Taylor, in front of everyone. While Olivia called out his behavior then and there, Naomi described the incident as “abusive.” Leva and Venita, who had left the night before, got the chance to talk about it in Episode 12 of Southern Charm Season 8.

Throughout the conversation, Taylor kept defending Shep’s actions, which annoyed the show’s fans.

Oh my god, Taylor, please. He “comes off that way” a lot because that’s how he constantly behaves. #SouthernCharm

Southern Charm fans slam Taylor for defending Shep

Viewers shared their opinions on Twitter over Taylor making excuses for Shep. She told her friends that she would like to give her boyfriend another chance and would like to fix him.

Fans didn’t appreciate her defending him after he called Taylor a “f**king idiot” in front of their friends.

Take a look at fans’ reaction here:

Here goes Taylor excusing/ explaining away Shep's bad behavior. #SouthernCharm
I don’t believe Taylor is free of Shep. Narcissists don’t let go that easily and she has battered wife syndrome. I worry she’ll be back with him by the reunion #SouthernCharm
Taylor basically saying she wants to stay with Shep to prove a point is certainly…something #SouthernCharm
Taylor, fixing Shep is not why you're on earth 🤣. #SouthernCharm
Taylor making excuses for the abuse... #SouthernCharm
Taylor’s little ‘Shep is brought to me by God’ speech isn’t aging well. #SouthernCharm
No, Taylor. You can't blame God for that. #SouthernCharm
God when Taylor mentioned him and Shep in the same sentence #SouthernCharm
#SouthernCharmTaylor need to stop using god name in vein for this toxic relationship.I hope leva got a strong marriage like hush

In Southern Charm Season 8 Episode 12, Taylor stated that Shep’s cursing behavior didn’t affect her.

While defending him to the girls, she said:

“He didn’t mean it, you know. Like I don’t care about being called a effing idiot coz I know he doesn’t mean it.”

When her shocked friends told her that she couldn’t let him talk to her like that, Taylor stated that he never put her down in a disrespectful way. However, he behaved like this once in a blue moon, and everyone made him a “villain.”

Taylor continued:

“I have the biggest heart for him and sometimes I want to walk away and I want to be done with it. But for some reason, God has pulled on my heart to go, ‘Taylor stick with him.’”

She concluded by saying that Shep was working on himself and their relationship. While Naomi called her an “angel” in a confessional, Leva told Taylor that she would break herself in the process of fixing Shep.

Craig and Austen called out Shep for being on dating app

While the girls were having their fun, the boys were invited to gentlemen’s evening at Patricia’s house. She and her son Whitney hosted the dinner, prepared by renowned French cuisine expert Perig Goulet.

The guy’s night was filled with sophisticated, high-class wine and dinner. Patricia went overboard with vintage chairs and a French set-up. While viewers enjoyed seeing drunk Craig spilling red wine on Patricia’s $45,000 white couch, they also witnessed him and Austen calling out Shep for being on a dating website.

Next Time on #SouthernCharm — Leva talks about her issue she had with Venita, Craig is in a disarray, & Shep’s Raya profile is still active!

In Southern Charm Season 8 Episode 12, Craig saw a news report on a gossip website about Shep being active on a dating app. Austen and Craig first discussed it amongst themselves and then talked to Shep. They asked him not to fool around with Taylor and that if he’s loyal, he should delete the app before things go downhill.

Shep was seen being annoyed and was not convinced on deleting the app. He didn’t find it necessary to defend himself, stating that he had downloaded the app long back.

Meanwhile, the relationship status of Shep and Taylor is different in reality. After the show, the couple parted ways. Taylor recently posted a disclaimer on social media, mentioning that she would not like to hear about her ex-boyfriend.

Viewers can watch Southern Charm Season 8 Episode 12 on Bravo’s site or check local listings for repeat telecasts. The reality TV show airs a new episode every Thursday on Bravo at 9.00 PM ET.

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