“Why is Craig getting upset?”: Southern Charm fans react as Craig lashes out after learning Naomi hooked up with Whitney

Craig Conover from Southern Charm (Image via caconover/Instagram)
Craig Conover from Southern Charm (Image via caconover/Instagram)

Episode 9 of Southern Charm Season 8, aired on Thursday, August 18, featured the cast members going for an overnight stay at a farm in Auldbrass.

Whitney Sudler-Smith organized the trip and stay for the Charleston gang but couldn’t have anticipated the drama his friends would bring in. After the dogs’ wedding in Episode 8, Whitney and Naomi Olindo hooked up. While he didn’t tell a soul, the latter revealed the secret to Leva Bonaparte and Austen Kroll before the trip.

Austen later told Naomi’s ex-boyfriend Craig Conover that his friend and his ex slept together. Subsequently, Craig was seen lashing out at others in Episode 9. Fans wondered why he was upset after confessing multiple times in previous episodes that Naomi didn’t affect his life in any way.

Why is Craig getting upset?Mmmmmmm #southerncharm

Southern Charm fans slammed Craig Conover for not standing by his own words

Craig is currently dating Summer House’s Paige DeSorbo, who warned him about Naomi. To this, Craig had said that his ex did not affect his life in any way and would not be a problem on their trip to Auldbrass.

In the previous episodes, Craig kept his distance from Naomi. He even told her that they should not hang out alone and should not pry into each other’s lives. Thus, his reaction after learning that she hooked up with Whitney confused the viewers.

Southern Charm fans slammed his behavior and reminded him of Paige’s concerns. Take a look at fans’ reactions:

Craig reacting like that over someone else being with Naomie… as Paige would say, “inappropriate for exes” #SouthernCharm
Craig shouldn’t be he worried that Naomi and Whitney hooked up #SouthernCharm
Craig got mad quickly for someone who he barely wants to be friends with. #SouthernCharm
Why the hell do you care Craig?? Huh? You have your future bridzilla Paige waiting for you.🤮 #southerncharm
Oh Craig. Paige isn't going to be happy with your reaction to Whitney double dipping Naomi.#SouthernCharm
Why is Craig so bothered by Whitney and Naomi? Hasn't he been saying he wanted nothing to do with her? #SouthernCharm
Craig’s a little bothered for somebody claiming they’re completely unbothered, and their ex supposedly has no impact on their lives anymore…#SouthernCharm
Damn Craig went from not caring to infuriated in 1 second #SouthernCharm
I’ve BEEN saying that Craig and this all of a sudden “I want nothing to do with you Naomie” was an act to try and embarrass her. Those true feelings came out so quick 😭#SouthernCharm
Craig u in love with Paige why tf do u care who smashing your ex? #SouthernCharm
Craig: I don’t careAlso Craig: proceeds to care #SouthernCharm

Craig was the last one to learn about Naomi and Whitney’s secret. When Austen told him the truth, he initially didn’t believe that the two could ever hook up. Craig then asked Austen whether Whitney was drunk when he told him. In response, Austen clarified that he discovered the truth from the horse’s mouth, indicating Naomi.

At that moment, Whitney entered the room and stated they were adults and didn’t need to explain themselves to anyone. Craig seemed frustrated as he left the room.

Southern Charm Season 8 Episode 9 recap

The latest episode of Southern Charm Season 8 started with the cast prepping for the trip to Auldbrass. Whitney invited everyone to the dogs’ wedding. A day after the wedding, Leva visited Naomi’s house, where the latter confessed to the hook up news.

The two tried their best to keep it a secret, but Austen had already told Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green before the trip. The cast headed off to the farm, except Kathryn Dennis and Chleb Ravenell.

While they enjoyed horse-riding and ATV racing at the farm, Taylor and Olivia Flowers tried to grill Naomi to reveal her secret, however, the two already knew. But instead of her news, Naomi told Olivia that Austen hooked up with his ex Ciara Miller after the wedding event.

The episode ended with Craig lashing out at Whitney and Shep, which Naomi claimed was the result of learning about the hook up. Titled Auldbrass Glitters is Not Gold, Southern Charm Season 8 Episode 9’s official synopsis of Episode 9 read:

“The gang takes a much-needed break from Charleston and heads to Auldbrass, an estate designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright; Naomie divulges her new love interest to Leva and Austen, who prove they are not the best at keeping secrets.”

Meanwhile, viewers can watch the episode on Bravo’s site or check for local listings for repeat telecasts.

Southern Charm Season 8 airs a new episode every Thursday at 9.00 PM ET on Bravo.

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