Pokimane steers clear of Leafy's YouTube  suspension, says she had nothing to do with it

Image Credits: dexerto.com
Image Credits: dexerto.com

Over recent weeks, we saw a tedious feud between Pokimane and some notable content creators, including Leafy and Keemstar. Both the YouTubers had in the past criticized Pokimane for lying about her 'relationship status'.

Back in May 2020, Keemstar alleged that Pokimane is 'fake' and 'pathetic' because she pretends to be single so that 'sad, lonely guys' on the internet continue to donate to her streams. One the other hand, Leafy had only recently alleged that Pokimane has a boyfriend via the following tweet.

This led to the Fortnite star banning a list of words on her Discord server, which included 'Leafy', 'plant guy', and some other controversial phrases. We then saw Pokimane announce a break from social media, after which she posted a detailed apology. The Twitch streamer now appears to be back on her 'break', as you can see in the tweet below.

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Now, with Leafy's account terminated by YouTube, further updates have emerged on the matter.

Pokimane steers clear of Leafy's YouTube suspension

Yesterday, i.e., the 21st of August, Leafy posted another video titled 'content stone age-Pokimane'. In the video, we see various snippets from the Morocco-born streamer's recent apology, along with mentions of her past controversies. He takes a jab at her fans, and mocks Poki's brand of content by suggesting that it is fit for the 'Stone Age'.

You can watch the clip below:

Regardless, on the evening of the same day (21st August), his account was suspended due to "multiple or severe violations of YouTube's policy prohibiting content designed to harass, bully or threaten".

At the time of writing, Leafy had just posted the following tweet on the matter. As you can see, he has come to terms with his account’s termination and is now looking for avenues to get it reinstated.

Moreover, other YouTubers, including Keemstar and Scarce, expressed concern about the nature of the ban.

Fans on the internet are sure the ban has something to do with the multiple recent videos that Leafy posted about Pokimane. However, the 24-year-old posted the following tweet earlier today. As you can see, she was sure the question would arise, and therefore decided to go ahead and claim that she had absolutely nothing to do with Leafy’s ban.

Image Credits: Pegasus, youtube.com
Image Credits: Pegasus, youtube.com

The tweet has since been deleted. Regardless, it would be interesting to see if Leafy can get his termination overturned in the coming few weeks.

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