Project Pollo on Shark Tank: Meet the founder who sold his house to start vegan chicken restaurant business

Project Pollo founder Lucas Bradbury appears on Shark Tank Season 13 (Image via Christopher Willard/ABC)
Project Pollo founder Lucas Bradbury appears on Shark Tank Season 13 (Image via Christopher Willard/ABC)

The finale of Shark Tank season 13 is set to air this Friday on ABC. An entrepreneur from Texas, Lucas Bradbury, will appear on the show to pitch his business, called Project Pollo.

The company makes vegan fast-food dishes, including chicken burgers. During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic period, he tested the idea of vegan chicken by opening a food truck near his friend’s restaurant. As soon as his idea took off, Bradbury decided to launch his own company, Project Pollo.

To get the capital to build a foundation, he sold his house. In an interview, the founder said:

“Well, when I decided to do Project Pollo, I made the decision to sell our house. That helped us set our foundation for the first two locations, starting with the food truck at Roadmap Brewing and the location in Austin. Fortunately, those two have generated enough revenue for us to expand to six.”

Meanwhile, he will appear on Shark Tank season 13 to find investors to help expand his vegan chicken restaurant chain.

Who is Lucas Bradbury?

Lucas Bradbury is the founder of Project Pollo, which serves plant-based versions of fast-food items including chicken burgers. The entrepreneur hails from Antonio, Texas and has graduated in economics from Kansas State University.

According to his LinkedIn profile, he is a certified financial planner and has been a part of the eatery franchise, Earth Burger. Apart from Project Pollo, he is also the co-founder and president of Houston Street Hospitality.

His bio reads:

“I have an extensive background in the initial development, purchasing, and training over a variety of different concepts and franchises. With a determined work ethic, ambitious goal setting, and analytical mindset, I do feel most confident that I can contribute many areas of knowledge and displayed success into a positive environment while excelling at a rapid pace for an equally motivated company.”

Bradbury turned vegan when he was trying to make his parents eat healthy. The entrepreneur is not only working towards saving animals and reducing environmental waste, he is also an incredible boss. Reports suggest that Bradbury provides health benefits, pays twice the minimum wage and gives paid vacations to his employees.

Where to buy the vegan chicken

Vegan food lovers can order directly from the vast menu on Project Pollo’s website. Their categories are divided into: Most popular, kids menu, signatures, beverages, burgers, sides, bowls and wraps, specials, catering, sweets & treats, breakfast and sauces.

Their regular burger (called Original Project) costs $7.50, followed by multiple variations of fast-food products. All are available at reasonable rates.

Project Pollo’s Lucas Bradbury appears in Shark Tank finale

The official synoposis of Shark Tank season 13 finale (episode 24) mentioned Project Pollo as it read:

“A vegan entrepreneur from San Antonio, Texas, presents his plant-based approach to a fast-food favorite.”

In addition to Bradbury’s company, the other businesses will be Aqua Boxing Glove, The Transformation Factory and The Players Trunk. The finale episode of Shark Tank Season 13 will welcome a panel of sharks consisting of Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner, Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran and guest shark Kevin Hart.

The finale will air on ABC at 8.00 PM ET and 7.00 PM CT on Friday, May 20.

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