RHOA season 15 episode 7: Release date, air time, and plot

Sheree throws a Gucci brunch in the upcoming episode of RHOA season 15
Sheree throws a Gucci brunch in the upcoming episode of RHOA season 15 (Image via Instagram/@shereewhitfield)

Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) season 15 is set to return with a brand new episode on Bravo on Sunday, June 18, 2023 at 8 pm ET. In the upcoming segment, Sheree and Sanya have a conversation about the increasing distance in the group, which leads to Sheree throwing a Gucci-themed brunch.

The synopsis of the upcoming episode reads:

"Drew makes a difficult decision about how much to include Ralph in her music career; Sanya puts her foot down about her friendship alliances; feeling stuck in the middle of the ladies' drama, Sheree calls everyone together for her Gucci brunch."

Sheree throws a Gucci brunch in the upcoming episode of RHOA season 15

In the upcoming episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) season 15, titled, Keeping It Gucci, Sanya and Sheree have a conversation. During the talk, Sanya tells the cast member that her husband hasn’t even been there yet because he is busy with business, which prompts Sheree to ask if they’re planning on moving back to Austin.

In a promo clip uploaded to social media, Sanya tells her that he wants to bring the business to Atlanta, to which the RHOA season 15 cast member asks them how they’re making things work, especially since they are trying to get pregnant.

The two agree that they needed a relaxing day together after “what happened,” referring to Kandi and Marlo’s feud in the previous episodes. Sanya states that she understands why Kandi left but is confused about why other housewives left with her. She adds:

"It just starts to feel like our group is divided and that’s not cool."

Sheree tells her that she believes some things need to be worked out with the ladies and tells her about the Gucci-themed brunch.

In another promo of RHOA’s upcoming episode, the cast gets together for Sheree’s Gucci plans. While the rest of the cast is present, Marlo is yet to make an appearance, ahead of which, the ladies discuss what they think about her.

Drew tells the RHOA season 15 cast that she thinks Marlo needs a hug and attention. At this point, Sheree tells her that’s what they’re here for together. Just as Marlo is about the enter, Kandi notices that her frenemy is supposed to sit rather close to her and quickly asks Sheree to switch Marlo and Kenya Moore’s place cards since she doesn’t want her too close to her.

After Kenya finally arrives, she is seen carrying a Chanel bag that isn’t “all Gucci.” When the cast asks her about it, she states that she doesn’t wear Gucci.

In a confessional, Marlo gives her honest opinion about the group’s attires and looks. About Kenya, she states that there’s a difference between vintage and thrifted and states that Kenya’s outfit is the latter. She adds that Drew looks like a “Gucci handyman” and says that while Sheree looks great, she looks like she’s “ready to give a deposition.” She further states:

"Kandi looked like she got ready to go bowling. You’re the captain of the bowling team."

Marlo adds that Sanya looks like she ran right into that outfit, “sample size Gucci.” The cast member adds that all together, the cast looked like a “bootleg girl group.”

Tune in on Sunday at 8 pm ET to watch the upcoming episode of RHOA on Bravo.

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