RHONY star Leah McSweeney claims Bravo doesn't pay enough despite making $60,000

RHONY Leah McSweeney earns through multiple income sources. (Image via Instagram/@leahmob)
RHONY Leah McSweeney earns through multiple income sources. (Image via Instagram/@leahmob)

RHONY has completed 14 seasons as of October 2023. It documents the lives of the elite of New York City, one of whom is Leah McSweeney. Leah was first introduced to the audience in season 12 of the show, but she "seemingly confirmed" that she was asked to leave after two years. Leah has since filed a lawsuit against Bravo. She also took to the popular adults-only website OnlyFans, where she claimed to earn more weekly than each episode of RHONY.

While she stated her income from season 12 was $60,000 and was lower than what her co-stars were earning. This led to her claims that the network was not paying its celebrities well. Per reports from The Cut, McSweeney's net worth is estimated to be $3.5 million. This wealth has been acquired through multiple streams of income.

Bravolebrity Leah McSweeney claims the network underpays: RHONY

Leah McSweeney from RHONY spent two years in the spotlight after getting "fired." According to TMZ reports, Leah was paid approximately $3,000 for each episode, around $60,000 per season. Other housewives were making considerably higher amounts than Leah was.

To branch out with an additional source of income, the former RHONY star took to the NSFW website OnlyFans. According to her, she posted five pictures, which paid her more in one week than an episode of the show would.

Fans were surprised to see her on the website, and she believes she's a "happy, proud member of OF."

According to The Cut, her estimated net worth is $3.5 million. Her income comes from her time on RHONY and her clothing brand, "Married to the Mob." She found herself in a physical fight with an NYPD officer and was given $75,000 as a settlement. She used these funds to start up her fashion venture, which has been successful.

While no information has come forward about why the star quit the show, she was candid about the fact that she will not return soon, leaving fans curious.

Leah McSweeney also sued the network. On March 10, 2023, her legal counsel filed a lawsuit against Bravo for discrimination.

Leah McSweeney has also featured on the third season of RHUGT, where she expressed that she faced severe emotional and physical distress. During filming, she suffered a "relapse," lost her grandmother, and was unable to attend the funeral.

The events in her life at that point had made it extremely difficult for her, considering she was being filmed for long periods of the day and wasn't given the chance to "grieve" properly.

This treatment and lack of concern from the network prompted her to take action, as she filed a lawsuit against them. The allegations state a violation of the "Americans with Disabilities Act."

Combining this with her lower income left a bitter taste in the mouth of the RHONY star.

Leah McSweeney did not appear in season 14 of the Real Housewives spinoff. The latest installment of RHONY was an entire reboot for the cast, featuring six new ladies who will likely continue appearing in the upcoming seasons.

The show's current cast includes Jenna Lyons, Brynn Whitfield, Jessel Taank, Erin Lichy, Ubah Hassan, and Sai De Silva. All episodes of season 14 can be streamed on the Bravo app. Season 15 is expected to be released in July 2024.

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