RHOSLC season 3 episode 7: Why are fans slamming Whitney after Heather pushed her out of the house?

Whitney Rose and Heather Gay from RHOSLC
Whitney Rose and Heather Gay from RHOSLC (Image via heathergay/Instagram)

The latest episode 7 of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City (RHOSLC) season 3 featured another blowout between BFFs and cousins Whitney Rose and Heather Gay.

The two have been awkward with each other since their big fight during the cast’s trip to Arizona. Since they were back, Whitney seemed to have changed sides and questioned Heather’s choices. In episode 7 of RHOSLC, she went to Heather’s house to address all the issues between them.

During their conversation, Whitney told Heather that her husband Justin was fired from his job, which left the latter in shock. Heather mentioned that she didn’t know, and in response, Whitney stated that things were awkward between the two, which was why she didn't inform Heather about the same.

However, soon Whitney snapped at Heather, stating that she was expecting a call from the latter during her difficult time. Fans couldn’t believe Whitney accused Heather of not being a good friend when the latter didn’t even know that Justin was fired.

Whitney is mad that Heather didn’t call to check on her about a thing she never told Heather about. #RHOSLC

Towards the end of the episode, the two ended up fighting and Heather pushed Whitney out of her house.

Fans felt that Whitney was deliberately fighting with Heather

Whitney Rose claimed to have visited Heather Gay to work on their friendship. However, she brought up the topics that she knew would trigger Heather and were not at all related to them as friends. Whitney first threw shade at Heather for not being there for her when her husband Justin lost his job.

Heather mentioned that she didn’t know about it, otherwise, she would have been there for Whitney. The latter admitted that she didn’t inform Heather as they were in an awkward place in terms of their friendship. Despite this, Whitney accused Heather of not calling her when Justin was fired from his job.

RHOSLC fans slammed Whitney for deliberately fighting with Heather.

I just don’t get why Whitney is pushing this fight, like Heather is apologizing is she not? Literally can’t say anything right it’s weird #rhoslc
What is wrong with Whitney. This friendship with Heather is SO FIXABLE but she's looking for conflict. Am I missing something? #RHOSLC
Whitney is being completely unreasonable to Heather. She excepts people to listen to her, but isn’t giving others that same grace. What’s up with that? #RHOSLC
Whitney better be on her knees apologizing to Heather at this reunion because the way she continues to mistreat her is unacceptable. How do you ask for distance then get mad she doesn’t know what’s going on. And you choosing Lisa over blood?? #RHOSLC
Whitney, how was Heather supposed to know Justin got fired if you didn’t tell her?! #RHOSLC
so whitney just doesn’t share info in her life with heather and then is upset when she doesn’t reach out? #RHOSLC
the way whitney was trying so hard to sneak in justin getting fired since she knew heather didn’t know 💀 #rhoslc
If Whitney didn’t tell Heather that Justin had been fired, how could she expect Heather to call?! #RHOSLC
Whitney struggles to communicate effectively. I’d go on defense mode too if I were Heather. #rhoslc
Whitney, how was Heather supposed to be there for you when Justin was fired when you didn’t tell her??? #RHOSLC

Whitney not only kept accusing Heather of not being a good friend, she also brought up the Lisa Barlow drama that triggered Heather.

The Lisa-Heather feud started when Heather claimed her co-star sent her dad a get well soon message the day he died. Lisa, on the other hand, went on Twitter to reveal that she sent a get well soon message a few days before Heather’s father’s demise. The confusion led to a blowout between the two cast members.

In Episode 7, Whitney told Heather:

“The whole Twitter thing came out of nowhere, and I was upset with her [Lisa] about that, too. But she also felt like she was defending herself, and I can't argue that. We're not hearing Lisa's side of it, and she's accused of being a liar.”

This made Heather furious at Whitney as the latter took Lisa’s side. Heather responded:

“We're not, Whitney, because she is a liar. She wasn't there for me when my dad died, and I love how you're bringing up how right she was with the way she hurt me.”

The conversation led to a fight where Heather threw her mic out and pushed Whitney out of her house.

RHOSLC season 3 episode 7 recap

Episode 7 of RHOSLC season 3 started with Jen Shah and Angie Harrington’s fight outside the venue where Heather held auditions for her choir. Their feud was related to Angie’s husband Chris confessing to creating a fake Instagram account to troll Lisa. However, the handle’s name (shahxposed) implied that the account was created to take a dig at Jen.

In RHOSLC episode 7, the heated argument was first instigated by Angie Katsanevas, who warned Angie Harrington not to come after Lisa. Jen then joined the conversation and yelled at Angie Harrington for the fake account drama. Things escalated when Lisa arrived and the feud went to another level.

Jen and Lisa were hurt by Heather’s behavior as well. The latter didn’t take a stand for Jen in the fight, and she told Lisa that she didn’t have any friends.

The drama will continue in the upcoming episode as well. Meanwhile, viewers can watch new episodes of RHOSLC season 3 every Wednesday at 9 pm ET on Bravo.

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