“She is lowkey insufferable”: RHOSLC fans slam Whitney Rose as her husband got fired and she made it all about herself

RHOSLC couple Whitney and Justin Rose
RHOSLC couple Whitney and Justin Rose (Image via whitneywildrose/Instagram)

Whitney Rose’s husband Justin revealed in RHOSLC (The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City) season 3 episode 6 that he was fired from his job.

Whitney, who was shocked to hear the news, started blaming the backward thinking of society. The RHOSLC housewife believes that Justin lost his job due to the couple’s intimate scene from season 2.

Fans were upset with Whitney because she made the whole situation about herself, instead of consoling her crying husband.

After Justin told her about being fired, Whitney stated:

“So, the fact that your wife has a career and is successful, you can no longer work there? This has everything to do with them shaming me for what kind of ‘woman’ I am.”

RHOSLC fans call out Whitney for ignoring Justin’s feelings

Justin told his wife that his boss implied that his termination was because of Whitney’s growing fame, revealing:

"He said how much he appreciated the work I had done but, ‘With Whitney being a public figure, I just didn’t see how we were going to be able to make this continue to work.’”

Justin mentioned that he knew something like this was coming, but he was still shocked when he was asked to leave. He was seen heartbroken and crying while thinking about the situation.

But Whitney didn’t get up to console him and instead, turned the entire conversation around about her and her struggles. The RHOSLC star, an ex-Mormon, compared her husband’s situation to the time she was a child and was barred from certain things because she was “not a man.”

Fans slammed her for ignoring Justin’s feelings. Take a look at fans’ reaction:

In the previous season of RHOSLC, Whitney decided to spice things up between her and Justin, so the duo covered their semi-naked bodies with paint, leading to some intimate moments. At the time, fans found the "love art" segment cringe-worthy.

In RHOSLC season 3 episode 6, Whitney confessed that the scene was cringy but she was "proud" of it. Discussing about Justin’s job situation, Whitney said:

“It is normal to want to be intimate with your husband. It feels like that final straw is when we did the ‘Love is art’ [scene].”

She continued:

“Yeah, that could be cringey but I’m freakin’ proud of that. I feel like this is taking me back to when I was 18, like, ‘If you’re not a man, you can’t have it.’ I feel like you were literally asked to suppress your wife or leave [your job].”

What job did Justin do?

Justin, Whitney Rose’s husband, was the chief sales and marketing officer of LifeVantage, “a Utah-based multilevel marketing company that sells dietary supplements.” He was allegedly fired because of his wife and the intimate scene the couple did in RHOSLC season 2.

In the latest season 3 episode, Whitney was seen upset and worried about their future as Justin lost his well-paying job. She shared her concerns about the family's financial security as they didn’t have much savings left after she invested most of it relaunching her brand, Wild Rose Beauty.

In a confessional, Whitney said:

“All I can think about is, ‘What does this mean? What’s going to happen?’ I don’t make as much as Justin does. We’re just barely catching our breath from taking a risk last year with Wild Rose Beauty. What about our house, our lifestyle, kids’ soccer, food, cars? Like, do I need to sell all my purses? What does this mean?”

In the upcoming episodes, the couple will be seen figuring out their financial problems.

RHOSLC season 3 airs new episodes every Wednesday on Bravo at 9:00 pm ET.

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