Romain Gavras Networth: Fortune explored as Dua Lipa announces split with boyfriend to focus on her career

Dua Lipa and Romain Gavras reportedly break up (Image via X/@highxtar_, @MundialMusicaMx)
Dua Lipa and Romain Gavras reportedly break up (Image via X/@highxtar_, @MundialMusicaMx)

French filmmaker Romain Gavras shocked the world when he held hands with singer Dua Lipa while walking out of the Cannes Film Festival red carpet back in May of this year. However, the Frenchman and the pop star have reportedly called it quits on their whirlwind romance. Sources reported that the breakup resulted from Romain considering Dua a workaholic and Dua wanting to focus on her career.

Romain Gavras is a French filmmaker who has directed famous provocative music videos like JayZ and Kanye West's No Church in the Wild. Apart from doing commercials for brands like Nike and Adidas, Gavras is also an acclaimed filmmaker, with last year's Athena being his most recent work. Life & Style attributed Romain with an impressive estimated net worth of $5 million.

An Insider source reportedly told The Sun that Romain and Dua had decided to go their separate ways "after a summer of love." The rumors first sparked when the duo was caught kissing at the Paris Fashion Week in March, after which they were seen together on several occasions. The source said:

"She has blinkers on when it comes to her career and the pair ended the relationship before things turned sour."

They added,

"Romain considered Dua to be a workaholic but she doesn’t plan on slowing down for anything or anyone."

Dua Lipa was previously linked with Anwar Hadid, whereas Romain Gavras once had a relationship with Rita Ora.

Romain Gavras and his controversial yet revered work

According to Life & Style, Romain Gavras commands an estimated net worth of $5 million. Gavras' net worth stems from his directorial prowess, having helmed three feature films and many music videos. He is known for his often provocative, gritty, and raw style of filmmaking, aced with political commentary.

The Paris native is the son of Academy Award-winning Greek-French filmmaker Costa-Gavras, famous for movies like Z and Missing. Gavras has directed several commercials for humongous brands like Audi, Nike, and Adidas. However, it is his music videos that put him on the map.

Romain started by directing the music video for Changer le Monde by French hip-hop artist Rocé in 2002. However, it was 2008's Stress by French electronic music duo Justice with which he burst onto the scene. Generating buzz and a fair share of criticism for the violence depicted in the video. Romain Gavras responded to the criticism of the video in a 2010 Guardian interview by saying,

"Lefties were saying, 'He's a racist', rightwing people were saying, 'He's an anarchist.' When you're hated by everyone, in the end it's that you succeed in something."


Now, YouTube comments consider the music video that won the UK Music Video Award for Best International Video a "masterpiece." The same can be said for his next breakthrough, the video for M.I.A's Born Free. The video was initially removed from YouTube for being too violent.

The video was later reinstated, and the comments again call it "One of the best music videos ever made" and "underrated art." The video and the song were revered for mirroring the treatment of Tamils in Sri Lanka, even though the video itself was not set in Sri Lanka. It was nominated for the UK Music Video Award for Best Dance Video. In the same Guardian interview, Gavras responded to the hate while smiling,

"I love that a 16-year-old kid from Yugoslavia is sitting behind his computer being so hateful because of something I did."


His follow-up work with M.I.A, the video for 2012's Bad Girls, ended up winning three UK Music Video Awards and the MTV VMA for Best Direction. It was even nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Short Form Music Video, a nomination he received again for his subsequent work, the video for Jay Z and Kanye West's No Church in the Wild.

He went on to direct the video for Gosh by Jamie xx, which was also nominated for a Grammy, this time in the Best Music Video category. The video again won Romain Gavras the UK Music Video Award for Video of the Year.


Apart from music videos, Gavras is also an accomplished feature filmmaker. Starting with a few short films, including 2001's The Funk Hunt and the following year's Easy Pizza Riderz, Romain Gavras made his first documentary with 2008's A Cross the Universe, a Justice documentary directed along with the musical duo themselves, and So Me.

His debut film Our Day Will Come, a road movie drama, was released in 2010 to mixed reviews. He followed it up eight years later in 2018 with the critically acclaimed The World is Yours, starring Vincent Cassel. Critics again beloved his next and most recent film, 2022's Athena, and was even nominated for the Venice Film Festival's Golden Lion.

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