“Rumors are 100% false”: Wren Eleanor’s mother responds to concerns over daughter’s safety

Wren Eleanor's mother Jacquelyn slammed internet users for making false claims against her (Image via @tiktokwren/Instagram)
Wren Eleanor's mother Jacquelyn slammed internet users for making false claims against her (Image via @tiktokwren/Instagram)

TikTok-famous Wren Eleanor's mother Jacquelyn has addressed the accusations made against her by internet users. The mother has denied putting her child in "danger" or making her record any kind of suggestive content.

Jacquelyn posted an explanation on her Instagram account, announcing that the claims made against her were "FALSE RUMORS."

The mother-daughter duo have a successful TikTok account, where they post the daily shenanigans of three-year-old Wren Eleanor. The account has over 17.3 million followers on the platform.

However, the content creators recently faced scrutiny from netizens, who accused mother Jacquelyn of exploiting her daughter for views and comments.

Jacquelyn also refuted rumors of her daughter's images being used on inappropriate sites. She said:

"Nobody has presented any real evidence and no law enforcement agency I have conferred with has found any proof that my daughter's likeness appears on inappropriate websites either. These rumors are 100% false."

Wren Eleanor's mother posted a detailed statement regarding the accusations made against her

Jacquelyn began her statement by saying that she started her TikTok account as a "digital scrapbook" to document her daughter's activities.

She added that she had never intended to become a TikToker with over 17 million followers, and was not prepared for the same. She agreed that she should have spent more time going through the comments section, but said that it was "not so easy with a big audience."

She continued by saying that she and Wren Eleanor have "fun" making lighthearted content for TikTok, which has provided Jacquelyn with a way to fund her lifestyle and save money for her daughter's future.

She revealed that over 13 million women watch her content and make up for 76 per cent of her viewership.

She clarified that she has taken a few precautions to safeguard her child from predators on the internet and said:

"Online safety precautions I've taken include turning off the ability to download or Duet our videos."

She explained that she never thought her child eating a corndog would be regarded as "s*xualized behavior." She said that while she was aware of the presence of predators with "twisted minds" on the internet, no tangible proof has been found regarding videos of Wren Eleanor being on adult sites.

She also slammed the people who spread these rumors by saying:

"What baffles me is that these rumor spreaders are online expressing such concern for my daughter yet not one person has presented real, tangible proof that these allegations are true. Creating videos talking about scurrilous rumours that my three-year-old daughter appears on p*rn sites isn't proof."

She added:

"Repeating false information over and over will never convert into fact, and it's wrongfully smearing my daughter's name and unjustly damaging my reputation. My email address is displayed in my Tik Tok profile, @wren.eleanor. If there is real factual proof out there, please contact me immediately."

Wren's mother explained that people should double-check the information presented on the internet because it can be "fueled by false rumors."

She added that it was a "good thing" that parents were questioning the safety of their children online, but requested users not to "Mom Shame" her because of their differences in parenting styles.

However, Jacquelyn made it clear that the recent controversies will not change the way she has been raising Wren Eleanor. She also slammed people accusing her of exploiting her daughter by saying:

"They found unwarranted fault in every scene, unfairly characterizing activities such as eating fizzy candy, fruits, and vegetables, wearing a swimsuit, and playing with a water balloon as "suggestive behaviour.” Perhaps it's the pickle, popsicle and corndog-obsessed lewd minds recirculating false accusations that are the problem."

Jacquelyn ended her statement by writing that she will keep a better eye on the comments section and block users who post objectionable comments. She also added:

"Hunting s*xual predators is a job for law enforcement. Parents can play an active role in this effort by forwarding facts and evidence to help the authorities catch the creeps. For those who have expressed concern for my daughter's online safety, again, if you are in possession of real evidence please contact me. I would do the same for your child."

She also addressed the situation on her TikTok account and said similar things.

After rumors regarding Wren Eleanor started to go around the internet, Jacquelyn turned off the comment section and interacted less with her followers. But it seems the mother will be turning on the comments section and getting back to posting fun videos of her daughter.

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