"Sereniti finally seeing the light": Fans react as Sereniti friendzones Felipe on Love Island USA Season 4

Sereniti friendzones Felipe on Love Island USA Season 4 (Image via Instagram/felipevgms,loveislandusa)
Sereniti friendzones Felipe on Love Island USA Season 4 (Image via Instagram/felipevgms,loveislandusa)

Love Island USA aired another exciting episode on Thursday, July 21, 2022, at 9.00 pm ET on Peacock. While several changes took place concerning the dynamics in the villa, Sereniti Springs made one decision that impressed fellow islanders and fans back.

On this week's episode of Love Island USA, Sereniti decided to friendzone her partner, Brazilian model Felipe Gomes. She realized that things weren't working out well for the duo and that he was already looking for other options and exploring connections with other ladies in the house. Fans were relieved for Sereniti and took to social media to express the same. One fan tweeted:

sereniti finally seeing the light #loveislandusa

The premiere episode of the hit series began by introducing viewers to 10 islanders. Soon after the first coupling session, introducing two new contestants, Valerie and Mady, shook the dynamics between the already formed couples, leading many to explore other connections.

Fans react to Love Island USA contestant Sereniti pitting Felipe into the "friendzone"

In the premiere episode of Love Island USA, Sereniti Springs was paired up with Felipe Gomes. The latter didn't seem impressed by the coupling, primarily because she was far from his ideal type and preference, which was tall, skinny, brunettes. However, when he was partnered with Sereniti, he thought of exploring his connection with her.

With the entrance of newbies Valerie and Mady, relationship dynamics quickly took a hit as the men wanted to explore their connection with the two. Felipe jumped at the opportunity of getting to know a tall brunette and snuck out to meet Valerie for a date.

Other Love Island USA men tried covering up for him and stalled Sereniti, but as she got to know the news, she looked devastated. However, Felipe was disinterested in her from the beginning as he partnered up with her because he was left with no choice.

Sereniti initially expressed interest in Andy Voyen, but after being rejected by him, she fell back into her shell. She also had an eye for Jesse Bray but didn't come forward, fearing another rejection. Jesse was later coupled with Deborah Chub. Finally, with no other choice left, Sereniti partnered with Felipe.

Felipe and Sereniti tried to get to know each other after his date. But the former explicitly told her that he would try and build other connections with the other women in the villa. While Sereniti echoed that sentiment, she didn't look too happy with the connection.

In a confessional from the last episode, Felipe opened up about his connection with Sereniti and said:

"Between me and Sereniti now, we feel like, we are still friends for now..nothing someting romantic or anything..but..I still don't know her be sure umm..which stage we are,, you know?"

With Sereniti finally putting Felipe into the "friendzone," the Love Island USA contestant is single once again and looking for love. Fans rejoiced at her realization and took to social media to express their feelings.

I’m happy that Sereniti realized that her and Felipe wouldn’t work. #LoveIsland #LoveIslandUSA
So Serenity picked up on the lack of chemistry with Felipe right away lol ok good. Don't waste your time, girl. #LoveIslandUSA
very glad that sereniti is catching on to felipe's games #LoveIslandUSA
I’m glad Sereniti realized what time it was w Felipe #LoveIslandUSA
Also thank God Sereniti finally saw the light and realized that Felipe don't like her like that. It hurt my heart seeing her all leaned up on him last episode while he was obviously so uninterested. #LoveIslandUSA
I’m glad Sereniti is cooling off of Felipe, she don’t deserve that at all #LoveIslandUSA
Yes, Sereniti I'm glad you're coming back to the light honey... This is good. #LoveIslandUSA
Im glad sereniti realized her and felipe were not it #LoveIslandUSA
See my girl serenity is Smart!!! She just got a large personality🥺🥺 SEND HER A MAN!! #LoveIslandUSA #weonsmoke
Sereniti FINALLY seeing the light! #LoveIslandUSA

With the entry of a new man in the next episode, the drama will only amp up. The numbers are currently not balanced, and the new entry will decide who will be the first contestant to head home. Viewers will have to tune in to find out what lies in store for the contestants.

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