Siesta Key: Miami Moves Episode 3 - Meghan catches Sam cheating on her after she tries to break another couple

Meghan and Sam were dating each other for the past 1 year (Images via sam_jlo, julietteporter and meghan.bischoff/ Instagram)
Meghan and Sam were dating each other for the past 1 year (Images via sam_jlo, julietteporter and meghan.bischoff/ Instagram)

Siesta Key: Miami Moves season 5, episode 3 aired on November 10, 2022 at 8 pm ET. The episode saw Juliette confront Meghan about her telling other people that Clark, Juliette's boyfriend, was flirting with her. Juliette had apologized to Meghan for being mean to her in the past in the previous episode but now regretted being nice to her.

Meghan did not shy away from answering and told Juliette that it was the truth. Meghan's friend Anna also said that she saw it herself, but Juliette did not need anyone else to validate it. Juliette told Meghan that she should have come to her instead of going around telling everybody at someone else's birthday party.

Juliette wanted to give Meghan a chance after their fights but called her an a**hole after the incident. Chloe stepped in for her friend, Juliette, and attempted to stop the fight. Soon after the incident, Sam, Meghan's boyfriend, was seen ki**ing another girl, Jordana, at the party.

Siesta Key: Miami Moves fans were upset about Meghan being cheated on but felt like she was trying to steal all of Juliette's boyfriends.

Feel like Meghan wants all of Juliette’s boyfriends #SiestaKey

Siesta Key: Miami Moves fans ask Meghan to concentrate on her own relationship

Meghan and Sam came into a relationship in 2021 after Sam’s break-up with Juliette. Meghan was concerned about Juliette, who had called her a bottle rat and a clout chaser, getting back together with Sam, but she found another partner the same year, Clark, who refused to come in front of the cameras.

Meghan’s boyfriend started living with Jordana (his best friend) when he moved to Miami, started a business with her and even paid for her BBL. She gave Sam an ultimatum to ask Jordana to move out of his house within a month. Despite her own relationship being in jeopardy, Meghan pointed fingers at Juliette and Clark's relationship.

She claimed that Clark had flirted with her and a few other girls at another party. Siesta Key: Miami Moves fans praised Juliette for confronting Meghan about the same. Fans also felt that Meghan should concentrate on her own relationship, especially since her boyfriend Sam was seen kis**ng Jordana at the party. Meghan broke up with Sam after the incident.

Siesta Key: Miami Moves fans took to Twitter to slam Meghan for trying to mess with Juliette.

Megan worried about Clark but somebody throwing her man a whole party for his bday #SiestaKeymiami #SiestaKey
I freaking love Juliet always been my favorite @juliettep0rter #SiestaKey
Meghan is so annoying tbh #SiestaKey
Meghan girl you know damn well you was the place holder the whole time #SiestaKey
Meghan that’s where you messed up you put him first . As women that’s where we are at fault #SiestaKey
Meghan you are clearly obsessed with Juliette like keep her name out of your mouth!! 😡😤 #SiestaKey
That old season one @juliettep0rter was about to come out on Meghan until Chloe pulled her back 😂😂 & I was here for it! #SiestaKey


Meghan clout chasing ways need to go #siestakey
AMANDA you got nothing to lose, break Meghan’s nose for Julez #SiestaKey
#SiestaKey Meghan worried about the wrong things, girl worry less about Juliette and Clark and more about what ur “man” is doing w his “bestfriend”😂😂😂

Fans were also upset after seeing Meghan cry and break up with Sam at the end of the episode. They slammed Jordana and Sam for cheating on Meghan in front of her, especially when Jordana had said that Sam was like her brother.

I do not like meghan like at all but I honestly feel terrible for her. @samjlothinks and @jordanabarnes_ I hope u feel like shit for what u did. DISGUSTING #SiestaKey especially you sam u never had any ounce of love or even like for meghan ur just a user
Jordana after making out with Sam, watching Meghan break up with him and then leaving in tears…#SiestaKey
Let’s hope Meghan sticks to this and doesn’t go back to Sam. If that wasn’t telling of how he feels about her, idk if she’ll ever get it. #SiestaKey
I'm not wild about Meghan but she deserved better- #SiestaKey
Meghan needs to go. #SiestaKey
lmao yeah i ain’t a fan of meghan but jordana foul asf for that #SiestaKey
Meghan... know your worth. Leave. Sam is a douche. #SiestaKey
No one deserves to be treated the way Sam treated Meghan. I’ve been in her shoes. Seeing it on the other side is kinda sad. #SiestaKey
Yes Meghan 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 #SiestaKey

Recap of Siesta Key: Miami Moves Season 5, Episode 3

This week on Siesta Key: Miami Moves, Jordana threw Sam a birthday party and was seen getting worried about the ultimatum given by Meghan. Lexi spoke to Juliette about her relationship problems with Mike. She disclosed that Mike thought that just because he bought her a diamond necklace, she would not be angry at him. Later, the pair was seen breaking up with each other after a fight.

The episode description reads:

"Juliette finds out that Meghan has been spreading a rumor about her relationship. Sam sabotages himself when he is pressured to decide what to do about the ultimatum. Brandon's new romantic interest starts to interfere."

MTV airs Siesta Key: Miami Moves every Wednesday at 8 pm ET and is available to watch on the website one day after the television broadcast.

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