So I Married An Anti-Fan Episode 5 Recap

Choi Soo Young and Choi Tae Joon in So I Married An Anti-Fan (Image via Rakuten Viki)
Choi Soo Young and Choi Tae Joon in So I Married An Anti-Fan (Image via Rakuten Viki)

The fifth episode of "So I Married An Anti-Fan" begins where the previous episode ended. Lee Geun Young (Choi Soo Young) confronts her ex-boyfriend, Roy Ahn (Kim Hyung Min), who happens to be Hoo Joon's (Choi Tae Joon) close friend. This happened after the pair arrived at Roy's restaurant to shoot a scene for the reality series that the K-Pop star and the former journalist had signed up for.

During the confrontation, Roy mocks Geun Young for keeping the limited edition heels he gifted her and whispers to Hoo Joon how he knows Geun Young. Hoo Joon seemingly joins in the mocking, leading to Geun Young storming off, abandoning the heels in front of Roy's restaurant.

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Hoo Joon's and JJ's rivalry blooms in So I Married An Anti-Fan

Meanwhile in So I Married An Anti-Fan, Choi Jae Joon, aka JJ (Hwang Chansung), continues to be jealous of Hoo Joon's success. During drinks with his girlfriend, Oh In Hyung (Ha Ji An), a movie star at the entertainment agency he runs, the two get into a fight, once again over Hoo Joon.

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However, as the fight continues, Hoo Joon, who was in the vicinity, interrupts, reminding JJ that he could take In Hyung back.

An infuriated JJ becomes more determined to sign Geun Young to his agency, which he tells Hoo Joon later in the episode. So far, Hoo Joon has only displayed animosity towards Geun Young, but could JJ's interest in her sway him?

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Geun Young almost quits So I Married An Anti-Fan

As usual, Geun Young's image continues to be manipulated by the reality show's producers on So I Married An Anti-Fan to show her as a caricatured anti-fan who just hates Hoo Joon. Geun Young is frustrated, and gets more so when they continue to shoot for the reality series, but Hoo Joon continues to put up a fake persona in front of the cameras. This is despite both Hoo Joon and Geun Young once again drinking into the night at Hoo Joon's agency's penthouse, where Geun Young is staying.

Later, Geun Young got into trouble when she used an expensive outfit, thinking it was one of her simple white shirts, to sweep the floor, leading her to continue facing Hoo Joon's cold remarks.

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Later in Episode 5 of So I Married An Anti-Fan, she meets up with one of the producers, asking what would happen if she quit. She is told that she would have to give up the signing bonus and that the program as well as its producers would fail.

Geun Young has a reason to consider quitting So I Married An Anti-Fan - a newspaper has contacted her for an interview. Though the interview is on the day that the production team leaves for Japan, she goes for it. Believing herself to have gotten a "real job," she mentions quitting the reality show to the interviewer, who tells her that her job would be uncovering scandals about Hoo Joon.

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Unwilling to give up on her integrity by selling Hoo Joon out, she declines the offer and rushes to the airport, determined to continue doing So I Married An Anti-Fan.

Meanwhile, it seems like Hoo Joon may start treating Geun Young better. After a producer mentions that Geun Young wanted to quit So I Married An Anti-Fan, he seemed to look disturbed. Later, when Geun Young calls to find out where they are, he rushes to her and holds her hand to run for their check-in.

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