Move to Heaven Season 1 Ending Explained: Does Cho Sang Gu retain guardianship of Han Geu Ru?

A promotional poster for Korean drama, Move to Heaven (Image via Netflix)
A promotional poster for Korean drama, Move to Heaven (Image via Netflix)

"Move to Heaven" is the newest Korean drama on Netflix. Consisting of ten episodes, which dropped on May 14th, Move to Heaven tells the story of a trauma cleaning service of the same name, which was run by the father and son team of Han Jeong Wu (Ji Jin Hee) and Han Geu Ru (Tang Jun Sang).

When Jeong Wu passes away, his half-brother, Cho Sang Gu (Lee Je Hoon), a former convict is asked to become his guardian. Over the course of ten episodes, the uncle & nephew team takes over Move to Heaven, and teach each other more about life.

Read on to learn more about what happened in Move to Heaven.

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Move to Heaven Episode 1 to Episode 9 recap

Sang Gu does not want to do it. He believes he was wronged by his brother, Jeong Wu and had not seen him in years. Sang Gu only accepts the guardianship because he learns that he can access Geu Ru's fortune, inherited from his late mother.

Geu Ru's friend, Yoon Na Mu (Hong Seung Hee) immediately dislikes Sang Gu, who she understands does not care for his nephew. When she consults with Jeong Wu's lawyer, Oh Hyun Chang (Im Won Hee), she learns that Sang Gu has three months to prove whether he is fit to be Geu Ru's guardian.

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Over the course of the first nine episodes of Move to Heaven, viewers learned that Sang Gu went to prison because he almost killed an opponent during an illegal underground fighting match. The opponent, Kim Su Cheol (Lee Jae Wook) was Sang Gu's protege, and Sang Gu pays for his hospital fees to keep him alive. Sang Gu even considers selling Geu Ru's house to keep paying for Su Cheol's bills.

However, Su Cheol's death may not entirely be Sang Gu's fault. The former medal-winning boxer was suffering from punch drunk syndrome due to being repeatedly hit in the head during boxing. He quits boxing, but because he wants to fulfill his father's wishes, Su Cheol enters the illegal boxing match.

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Unbeknownst to them, Joo Young (Yoon Ji Hye) who runs the illegal gambling circuit, pits Su Cheol against Sang Gu. During the same match, Jeong Wu comes looking for Sang Gu, and in a fit of anger, he hits Su Cheol hard, leading to his collapse.

Back in the present, when Su Cheol's condition gets critical, Sang Gu gives Geu Ru's house's deed to Joo Young for money for his operation, only to learn soon after that Su Cheol passed away.

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Meanwhile, spending more time with Geu Ru leads to Sang Gu opening up more. Move to Heaven viewers learn that he felt resentful to Jeong Wu because as a kid, he waited for his older half-brother to rescue him at a train station for three days. It turned out that Jeong Wu was caught in the shopping mall collapse, and was hospitalized for a long time. Nevertheless, Jeong Wu continued to look for Sang Gu, and the latter only comes to find outupon going through his cabinet after his death. Sang Gu also finds out that Geu Ru is adopted.

By the penultimate episode of Move to Heaven, Sang Gu is devoted to his nephew. But to get his nephew's house deed back, he decides to go for one last fight. Geu Ru had eavesdropped, so he and Na Mu go to rescue him, mistaking the papers on punch drunk syndrome to belong to Sang Gu and believing that he would die.

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Move to Heaven Ending Explained

For additional help in the final episode of Move to Heaven, Geu Ru calls a prosecutor who had offered to help during an earlier episode. Together, as the cops bust the illegal gambling ring, but Sang Gu, Geu Ru, and Na Mu escape. Joo Young escapes as well.

Meanwhile, Hyun Chang tells Geu Ru that it is time to give up his father's ashes, but Geu Ru is not ready to. When Geu Ru disappears, everyone goes looking for him, with Sang Gu heading to Busan, which is where Geu Ru was adopted from.

A baby Geu Ru was rescued from a basement by Jeong Wu, who was a firefighter, during winter. Jeong Wu and his wife become guardians for Geu Ru, and when they think he would get adopted, they adopted him themselves. However, when Geu Ru was a child, his mother passed away due to cancer, following which the father and son move to Seoul.

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Sang Gu finds Geu Ru at an aquarium in Busan, where Geu Ru's father had taken him after his mother's death to explain that his mother will always be with him. However, as Geu Ru is overcome with grief, Sang Gu embraces him and reminds him that the deceased have stories to tell.

With this, Geu Ru gets ready to do trauma cleaning for his father, where he finds his father's phone, which has a recorded message for him.

Meanwhile, Jeong Wu's lawyer tells Sang Gu that he thinks he is disqualified for Sang Gu to be his guardian. However, just as Sang Gu leaves, he informs him that Geu Ru requested for Sang Gu to remain as his guardian.

As Episode 10 ends, a girl approaches Geu Ru and tells him that she will need to request Move to Heaven's service for herself, but Geu Ru himself seems to be entraced by her.

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Will there be Move to Heaven Season 2?

All indications from the final episode point to there being another season for Move to Heaven. For one, the primary antagonist, Joo Young, has escaped police capture and will be looking for revenge. Another is the last scene itself, which showed that Geu Ru had grown himself throughout the course of Move to Heaven Season 1. With Na Mu having feelings for Geu Ru, will this create discord within Move to Heaven?

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