“Calm down Craig!”: Southern Charm fans criticize Craig Conover for his drastic reaction to Naomie Olindo’s confrontation

Craig Conover and Naomi Olindo from Southern Charm
Craig Conover and Naomie Olindo from Southern Charm (Image via caconover, naomie_olindo/Instagram)

The latest episode of Southern Charm Season 8 featured Craig Conover losing his temper with ex-girlfriend Naomie Olindo once again.

This time, however, fans didn't side with Craig after his drastic reactions to Naomie’s questions. When the latter asked him why he called her “crazy ex-girlfriend” at Austen’s Friendsgiving party, Craig denied the accusation before yelling at her.

Seeing Craig’s behavior, fans realized that Craig was still not over his ex-girlfriend and thus reacted the way he did. One fan took to Twitter to say,

"Calm down, Craig!"
Calm down Craig! Naomi is hot but you have a girlfriend so why are you freaking out so much? #SouthernCharm

Craig, who is currently dating Paige DeSorbo, was seen verbally attacking Naomie when she asked everyone in the group to talk nicely to the waitress.

Southern Charm fans think Craig is obsessed with Naomie

Naomie Olindo left Charleston and Southern Charm after breaking up with Craig. She was also engaged to Metul Shah at this point. However, she returned to the show this season after her split with Metul.

Initially, after Naomie's return to the show, Craig implied that she was there to interfere with his and Paige's relationship. However, the last couple of episodes made it clear that he was agitated every time Naomie tried to be cordial with him.

This led to fans feeling that it was Craig who was obsessed with Naomie and not the other way around. While some fans called Craig a mess, others said that they were proud of the way Craig handled the breakup but added that he was only making a fool of himself with his current behavior.

Listening to Craig slurring his words coming for Naomie, is quite disgusting. He’s the one obsessed with her. #SouthernCharm
Craig keeps making it seem like Naomi is not over him but clearly it’s him who hasn’t really moved on. #SouthernCharm
In the beginning I believed Naomie was obsessed w craig, but now DAMN Craig is so obsessed w her #SouthernCharm
I’ll admit - I was proud of Craig and how he was handling Naomi. Was. WAS. Not anymore. He’s making a fool out of himself and he’s the one who needs to let it go. #SouthernCharm
They have Craig all red-faced and slurring in this restaurant. His eyes can't even focus. A whole mess. #SouthernCharm
The energy Craig expends to go off on Naomie, and she doesn’t even flinch 💀 #SouthernCharm
Craig is still in love with Naomie and there is so much unresolved BS - hence his behavior #SouthernCharm
"I'm sorry, I didn't realize I had to submit my food & bev resume to be respectful of a waitress".. I am DYING. Craig is still into Naomi. He's so bothered by the conflict he's having bc he's w Paige. #SouthernCharm
It’s painfully obvious Craig has to find something wrong with every tiny thing Naomie does in order to bury his feelings for her. No man acts that psychotic over an ex. #SouthernCharm

In Southern Charm Season 8 Episode 13, Shep Rose planned a Georgia trip for the group. Craig wanted Paige to come with him, but she denied citing her job. When the Charleston group reached Georgia, they spent the day playing tennis and gathered at a restaurant for dinner.

At the dinner table, Craig was a bit tipsy as he had had a few drinks back at the villa. When a waitress came to take orders, everyone started speaking at the same time and acted immaturely. Once she left, Naomie politely asked everyone to treat the waitress with respect and acknowledge her.

When Craig heard that, he said:

“How many years did you serve?”

Naomie looked shocked and stated that she was not talking to him. With his slurry words, Craig responded by saying that if she made “generalized statements,” he would jump in.

In a confessional, he said:

“Naomie’s facial expressions and her tone, I still relate to that bad last year of our relationship. And hearing her be judgmental is gonna set me off.”

Why did Craig get furious at the end of Episode 13?

After getting into an argument with Naomie over waitress courtesy, Craig stormed away from the table. The Southern Charm star had a drink at the bar before returning to the group and asking why everyone was in a sour mood.

Naomie responded by saying that she was unhappy after Leva Bonaparte told her that Craig had called her a “crazy ex-girlfriend.”

For those unaware, Austen hosted a Friendsgiving party a couple of episodes ago where Naomie felt "weird vibes" from Craig’s girlfriend Paige. When Naomie went outside with Paige to have a chat, Craig called the former “crazy,” even after Leva asked him to stop.

In Southern Charm Season 8 Episode 13, Naomie was referring to the same incident. Although Craig did call her crazy, he denied saying it. Taylor, who was sitting beside Naomie, took her side and asked why Naomie would bring it up if it weren't true.

Craig, who seemed drunk, got up from his seat furious and shouted at Naomie and said:

“Stop please. Please move on with your f***ing life. Seriously. It’s crazy.”

In the next episode, Craig will be seen getting into a physical fight with his best friend Austen Kroll.

Southern Charm airs a new episode every Thursday on Bravo at 9 pm ET.

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