Why did Shep Rose want Taylor Ann Green to quit her job? Southern Charm fans blast him on Twitter

Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green from Southern Charm Season 8
Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green from Southern Charm Season 8 (image via tayloranngreen/Instagram)

Southern Charm Season 8 aired a new episode on Bravo on Thursday, featuring the group going on a trip to Georgia.

Shep Rose planned the trip that was attended by his girlfriend Taylor Ann Gree and friends Craig Conover, Austen Kroll, Naomi Olindo, Venita Aspen, Olivia Flowers, and Whitney Sudler-Smith.

The group left Charleston in two cars. Olivia, Austen, and Shep were in the latter’s car, which was driven by Austen. On the way to Georgia, the three began discussing the Auldbrass incident where Shep called his girlfriend Taylor a “f**king idiot.”

In the latest episode, Shep told Austen that he wanted Taylor to quit her job and travel with him. His suggestion made fans furious, and they bashed him on Twitter.

Shep just wants Taylor to quit her job so that she can do every damn thing for him that he should have learned to do for himself. Don't do it Taylor. You will become depressed and trapped. #SouthernCharm

Here’s what fans have to say about Shep’s suggestion

Shep’s suggestion didn’t go down well with his friends Austen and Olivia. While the latter didn’t say anything to him at the time, Austen called him “dumb” to even think of something like this.

During their conversation in the car, Shep said:

“You know how I feel about Taylor. Everybody here does. And you know what I am gonna say to her. I kinda want her to quit her job.”

Austen exclaimed:

“Shep, that’s so dumb, dude. That’s how you get like complete control of her.”

Shep responded:

"I don’t want control. I want her to travel with me. I want her to travel all around the world.”

In a confessional, Olivia stated:

“Quitting her job and traveling with her, that’s not necessarily a step in the right direction. And also, it is a little presumptuous because…does Taylor want to quit her job?”

After watching the conversation, viewers were furious at Shep and slammed him on Twitter. Here's how fans reacted:

Quit her job to depend solely on Shep who gonna hold his money over her head. #SouthernCharm
Now why would Shep suggest that Taylor quits her job? #SouthernCharm
Yeah quit her job so when you’re upset you can threaten to take away her allowance? Good idea Shep 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 #southerncharm
Shep you want Taylor to quit her job so that she's dependent on you & you can control her? 🤔Taylor don't you quit your job. Shep may talk to his mother any way he wants because "that's how we are" in his family but tell him to go to he👢👢.#SouthernCharm
I'm usually okay with Shep, but this episode he is super annoying for some reason. #SouthernCharm
Clearly Shep looks down at women who work. #SouthernCharm…
Omg why cant Shep just date an independent woman in her 30s who has the time and money to travel ?!?! They exist! 😮‍💨😮‍💨 #SouthernCharm 🙄🙄
Convinced that Shep grew up in a house with emotional and financial abuse. #SouthernCharm
Now Shep wants Taylor to quit her job so they can travel together, him paying so she depends on him so she’s more scared of leaving when, once again, she hears that he cheated? Or when he insults her again? Can you name a more toxic relationship? #SouthernCharm

Austen talks to Taylor about Shep in Southern Charm Season 8 Episode 13

Since the Auldbrass incident, the cast members of Southern Charm have sided with Taylor. Even Shep’s best friends Craig and Austen want a better person for her than Shep. In Southern Charm Season 8 Episode 13, Austen spoke to Taylor about her boyfriend and his misbehavior towards her.

Austen said:

“Taylor, the way he talks to you sometimes, it just breaks my f**king heart. And like…I just don’t like it. And I have been there, and I am not saying he’s a terrible person.”

He further expressed that he would like her to stand up for herself and not let Shep take advantage of her kindness.

In the previous episode, Craig and Austen found out through a gossip column that Shep was active on a dating app. They asked him to delete the app for Taylor's sake, but he refused to do so.

In the latest episode, Taylor was not bothered by Shep’s dating app story. However, this wasn't the first time she ignored a red flag. She was previously seen defending Shep for calling her a “f**king idiot” in Episode 12. She told her girlfriends that Shep didn’t mean the things he said and that he later apologized.

The two have broken up recently. A few days ago, Taylor shared an Instagram story announcing the split. It read:

“Disclaimer to everyone: Shep and I are broken up. We have kept a cordial relationship but would appreciate not hearing what my ex is up to while I’m still trying to heal. Thanks in advance.”

Meanwhile, viewers can watch the latest episode of Southern Charm on Bravo’s website or on Peacock TV. Fans can also check local listings for reruns. Southern Charm Season 8 airs on Thursdays on Bravo at 9:00 pm ET.

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