Southern Charm: Who is Brett Randle and how has he changed Madison LeCroy?

Southern Charm's Madison LeCroy with fiancé Brett Randle (Image via madison.lecroy/Instagram)
Southern Charm's Madison LeCroy with fiancé Brett Randle (Image via madison.lecroy/Instagram)

Madison LeCroy, a cast member of Southern Charm Season 8, did not enjoy much popularity among fans previously. This time, however, things seem changed for the reality TV star.

Madison was in an on-and-off relationship with co-star Austen Kroll for three years. In 2020, the couple broke up quite dramatically, which continues to be a topic of discussion among the cast.

She then grabbed fans' attention with her engagement announcement in Southern Charm Season 8. Her now-fiance Brett Randle proposed to her while she was shooting for the latest season, so the engagement was captured on the show. Madison announced the news in October 2021 at an Amazon Live event.

The Southern Charm star recently spoke about her changed avatar and gave credit to Brett for his impact on her.

What did Southern Charm's Madison LeCroy say about fiancé Brett Randle?

While talking to People magazine, 31-year-old Madison LeCroy mentioned that she’s in a “different headspace” in Southern Charm Season 8.

She said about Brett:

“I'm truly happy in my relationship because I'm finally with someone who loves me in the way that I need. He's the most incredible man. He's there for me, no matter what. I turn to him for advice, and he knows how to be a man.”

She further claimed that Brett makes her want to be a better person and that Season 8 will see the new Madison.

“He just makes me want to be a better person. I just have the most respect for him. I can't say I've ever been a relationship where that's the case before. It's refreshing to be with someone like that. And refreshing to feel like I'm not so mean and toxic on the show."

She also stated that Brett shares a strong bond with her 9-year-old son Hudson and has a good friendship with her ex-husband.

About Brett Randle

Madison’s fiancé Brett Randle hails from Roseville in Sacramento, California. He works as an account manager for Nike. The 35-year-old has four siblings, according to US Weekly.

Brett is not on social media, so not a lot of information about him is publicly available. As per the player's profile on Ultimate Hoops, he was a high school basketball player who played as a small forward and won three championships.

Brett proposed to Madison last year with the help of her son Hudson. Speaking about the proposal, Madison said:

“My son and my fiancé, they ended up planning this. When [Brett] asked my son if he could be his stepdad and be a part of our lives, my son had one request, and that was that he was a part of the proposal. It was so, so sweet.”

She was seen flaunting her ring in Southern Charm Season 8 Episode 4 as she told her proposal story to co-stars. In an interview with People magazine, Madison mentioned that Brett won’t be coming in front of the camera this season:

"That was his preference, and I have to respect people if they want their privacy. He didn't sign up for this, he just happened to fall in love with girl who is in the media. And while he's adapted well and has been opening up slowly to the idea of everything, we're moving on his time. Hopefully, if everything is going well who's to say we might not see him next season?"

The couple met in Arizona last April while on vacation with their respective groups of friends.

Madison and Brett are prepping to walk down the aisle soon. Viewers can currently watch Madison on Southern Charm Season 8, which airs a new episode every Thursday on Bravo at 9.00 PM ET.

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