The Chase: How did James Holzhauer, aka The Highroller, lose $70,000?

James Holzhauer, aka The High Roller (Image via thechaseabc/Instagram)
James Holzhauer, aka The High Roller (Image via thechaseabc/Instagram)

Tonight in Episode 2 of The Chase Season 3, fans saw Emily Herndon, Suchita Sata, and McKinnie Sizemore compete against James Holzhauer, aka The High Roller, to win money.

James failed to answer 19 questions correctly on the final chase and even answered some questions incorrectly, giving the team a lead on their final score. Ultimately, James lost, and Suchita and Emily won $70,000. McKinnie was earlier eliminated from the show. The questions ranged from foreign exchanges to cuisine-related doubts.

Suchita and Emily earlier answered 20 questions correctly in two minutes but lost one answer due to a technical rule. Later on, James failed to answer any questions passed on to the players, who won scores for the same.

He had to answer 13 questions correctly by the last minute, but he failed to do so.

The Chase features three contestants in every episode who try to challenge a quiz show genius, referred to on the show as a chaser, and win money by answering more questions than them. Sara Haines hosts the show.

In this season of the show, Victoria Groce (The Queen), Brandon Blackwell (The Lightning Bolt), Buzzy Cohen (The Stunner), Brad Rutter (The Buzzsaw), and James Holzhauer (The High Roller) will play the role of chasers.

The Chase fans react as The Highroller fails to stop players from winning $70,000

James Holzhauer couldn't impress his fans tonight on the game show as he failed to stop the players from winning. In the second round, he did stop McKennie from earning a hefty $300,000, making him ineligible for the final round, where the questions ranged from the town of Chillicothe to Mexican Cavier to Jewelry Lengths.

James competed against the two ladies for $70,000 but failed to do so. He even gave the women a chance to improve their scores by missing out on many questions.

Fans congratulated the women and slammed The Highroller.

What happened on The Chase tonight?

On the show, fans saw Emily, Suchita, and McKinnie, a market research manager, a hospital physician, and a trivia host, respectively, fight against chaser James Holzhauer.

James has been a part of the cast since 2021 and has been on the show as a contestant, beating chaser Mark Labett. He won $58,333.33 on the episode. He is a professional sports gambler and is famous for his 32-game winning streak in Jeopardy!

Contestants were asked to answer as many questions correctly as they could in two minutes during the first round of the game, with players winning $10,000 per correct response. They were later asked to claim their money by answering some questions correctly against the chaser, who also gave the players a chance to win more and less money.

Failing the same would have led to the elimination of the contestant. Emily won $10,000 by answering only one correct answer and later claiming it against the chaser.

Suchita earned $60,000 by answering six correct answers. She later faced the Highroller and played for the same amount of money. She claimed all of her money.

McKinnie won $80,000 by answering eight questions correctly. He took the bait of $300,000 against the chaser, which he failed and was eliminated from the final round.

In the final round, the chaser was supposed to answer as many questions correctly as the contestants in 2 minutes, failing which the former would have had to take one step back from winning money.

The women, who played for $70,000 in total, answered 18 answers correctly with a two-step headcount. The same was later increased to 19 as the contestants answered each other's questions.

Also, Ken Jennings and Mark Labbett will not feature as chasers on the show this season.

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