The Outlaws ending explained: What is Ben's destiny now?

A still from The Outlaws (Image via Sportskeeda)
A still from The Outlaws (Image via Sportskeeda)

The Outlaws, a dark comedy created by Stephen Merchant and Elgin James, is finally out on Amazon Prime Video for viewers in the United States. Initial reviews suggest it could not get any more thrilling and hilarious.

The tightly packed thriller is an endearing and goofy watch, with the stellar cast embodying quirky characters adding to the charm of the series. The story follows a group of outlaws who have been convicted but not imprisoned due to minor crimes they have committed. Together, they do their time by performing community service under an adorably goofy supervisor. But it looks like the gang cannot stay far from crime. When one of the members gets caught up in money embezzlement, the entire group finds itself involved.

Season 1 of The Outlaws summed up

Season 1 of the comedy series The Outlaws starts off by bringing together a community of wrong-doers who find themselves in community service due to bad decisions and mistakes they have made in life.

The Outlaws begins by introducing viewers to each of the seven characters, strangers from different walks of life who will come together to serve a sentence initially but get involved on a deeper level later. First in line is Rani, a studious Asian with a scholarship to Harvard. The seemingly meek high schooler is in fact a kleptomanic and a rebel child who gets sentenced to community service for stealing.

It is here that she meets six other odd personalities: small-time crook Frank Sheldon, a divorced lawyer Gregory Dillard, the radical activist Myrna Okeke, the right-leaning businessman John Halloran, social influencer Lady Gabriella Penrose-Howe, and Christian Taylor, whose real name is Ben.

The story is centered around Ben who poses as Christian Taylor. Ben had gotten himself involved with a dangerous gang and has been coerced to do odd jobs for them. When Ben is sent on one such job to acquire a cell phone from The 'infamous' Dean , he stumbles upon a load of money which he steals, triggering trouble.

Does Ben go to jail?

Ben is neck-deep in trouble and so is Rani who gets herself involved while trying to help him. One mistake soon leads to another. While trying to escape trouble, Ben lands himself in more when Esme, his sister, shoots someone and Diana finds the gun on Ben.

Ben now finds himself on the run. In the meantime the other community service members also find themselves involved in the situation when they discover Ben's stolen money. What remains of Ben's destiny now?

On the run, Ben is now not only being sought after by law enforcement officers but also the gang he worked for and his community service 'friends'. He looks for a hideout but his community service colleagues catch up to him and Ben confesses to using the gun. His well-wishers ask him to surrender, but more drama unfolds when the gang leader catches up to Ben, and very soon the law enforcement officers too.

Ben turns himself in for using the gun and a bleak future in prison thus awaits him now. However, his community service colleagues step in to save the day and so did Diane, who convinced law-enforcement officers to sentence Ben to another 100 hours of community payback.

Catch The Outlaws, now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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