"This was normal": Sienna Mae responds after leaked video of her allegedly groping Jack Wright surfaces online

Sienna Mae has been accused of sexually assaulting Jack Wright
Sienna Mae has been accused of sexually assaulting Jack Wright

TikTok star Sienna Mae Gomez recently released another YouTube video addressing allegations of sexual assault against her, after a questionable TikTok video of her groping and kissing an "unconscious" Jack Wright surfaced online.

The 17-year old TikToker has been under fire ever since Jack Wright's close friend, Mason Rizzo, alleged that she had not only sexually assaulted Jack but also told him to "go kill himself."

However, within 24 hours, Mason deleted the post as he informed fans that they would be handling the situation with Sienna Mae offline henceforth.

His allegations did not sit well with Sienna, who swiftly released a video in which she addressed claims of sexual assault, which she deemed "untrue."

However, the situation escalated recently when an incriminating TikTok video of her and Jack surfaced online.

As dissent began to reach incendiary levels once again, Sienna Mae decided to release another explanatory video in which she clarified what exactly happened in the aforementioned video.

Sienna Mae and Jack Wright's leaked video triggers a whole new debate online

Over the course of her latest 13-minute long video, Sienna Mae attempted to debunk a recent set of allegations against her regarding the video that surfaced online.

She began by reiterating her original claims of not sexually assaulting Jack as she stated it was merely a smear campaign being conducted against her.

"Before I start, I stand with what I said in the previous video, I did not sexually assault Jack Wright. Jack was a victim of sexual assault but not by me. I am a victim of continual attempts to cancel me and slander my name with false claims."

Sienna Mae also directly called out Jack's group of friends for recording them in the first place as she proceeded to explain what kind of relationship they both shared and how it was a "normal" part of their lives.

"Jack and I were very touchy feely with our friendship, this is the way we interacted with each other. Any video you go watch of us. You will see that this behaviour was normal. We touched each other, kissed other, and we were playful. Within the boundaries of our relationship, this was normal. "

She went on to say that,

"You claim in your video that you hear kissing noises. We were kissing. He also claims that my hand is on his c*otch. Well it is not. My hand is very visibly on Jack's thigh, upper thigh. This video was very strategically narrated and the clip of Jack asleep after was after we had just made out. They are edited together."

Sienna Mae also revealed that despite the video being shot on the 30th of November, 2020, she found it strange that they all decided to hang out with her the very next day.

She then accused his friends of misplacing Jack's trauma onto her due to her mental health because she declared it to be incessant bullying and false claims.

"This video is proof of nothing and instead rases questions about Jack's issues and his friend's behaviors. Your friends are trying to make this look sensational when for us it was ordinary."

Towards the end of her video, Sienna Mae revealed that her attorneys had served to cease and desist notices to Jack's friends due to the defamatory nature of their allegations.

Despite her clarification, a majority of Twitter users were left unconvinced as they proceeded to call her out over what they perceived as "victim-blaming and gaslighting" Jack Wright:

With Sienna Mae having seemingly shared her side of the story, all eyes are now on the Wright family, as the murky controversy between the two seems to be showing no signs of abating just yet.

Edited by Srijan Sen
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