Top 10 BTS Jimin eras as of 2021

BTS Jimin's top 10 eras from debut to now! (Image via Big Hit Music)
BTS Jimin's top 10 eras from debut to now! (Image via Big Hit Music)
Vibha Hegde

BTS' Jimin is one of the most popular members of the group; he's widely known for this incredible vocal range, as well as his insurmountable dance skills. He's known to put his 100% into everything, and it really shows through each and every performance of his.

On top of that, his looks and general demeanor all scream "model-like."

We've put together a list of some of the best Jimin eras from his debut to the present day.

Disclaimer: This list was constructed based on the opinions of the author, and is not definitive by any means.

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Which BTS Jimin era is the best?

1) Blood Sweat & Tears

It's arguably the most iconic era for Jimin - factoring in his silver-haired look, his killing part in the Blood, Sweat and Tears intro, as well as his solo track "Lie," from the same album. There's no denying that this is one of Jimin's top eras.

2) Fire

Another killer look from Park Jimin himself. He owns the simple black hairstyle, and his iconic dancebreak for "Fire" is one that the ARMYs won't forget.

3) Run

Fans who were present around the time Jimin's Run-era look debuted know how much heart ache this one man caused. His orange hair was the talk of the town, and feels like a natural progression after his red hair during promotions for "Dope."

4) Spring Day

The promotions for "Spring Day" gave BTS fans a special treat - Jimin's surreal modern dance solo part, which he effortlessly manages to pull off every time. He also had a very soft, fuzzy pink hair look, which emphasized the idol's cute appearance.

5) Idol

Idol-era Jimin not only served a sleek new haircut, but also gave us his incredible 2018 MMA intro performance, where he performed a modern and traditional fan dance fusion.

6) Dope

"Dope" era Jimin was probably the first time he dyed his hair in shades other than brown or black (although his orange hair does feel like a step up from this). That being said, he pulled the look off incredibly well; and fans got to see a new, lighter and more charismatic side of Jimin during Dope's promotions.

7) DNA

Jimin's killer look right before the last chorus of "DNA" is one for the books. His ability to capture the audience's attention with a single line really shined through in this era. For DNA's promotions, he sported a wavy blond hairstyle.

8) Not Today

The "Not Today" era is technically clubbed with the "Spring Day" era, as they're from the same BTS album, "You Never Walk Alone," which is a repackage of "Wings."

While Jimin still has the same pink hair look from above, this definitely felt worth mentioning due to his stellar moves as he leads the dance break for the song.

9) Airplane Pt. 2

While some may consider Jimin's look during Airplane Pt. 2's promotions a bit simpler compared to other eras, his dancing really does all the attention-grabbing and talking that it needs to do. What can't go on without mentioning are his honey vocals which were scintillating to say the least.

10) Fake Love

Jimin returned to his simple black hairstyle for BTS' "Fake Love" era, and it was splendid. A master of controlling facial expressions and body movements, he really conveyed the pain of having a "Fake Love" perfectly.

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