Top 5 BTS collaborations with western artists

BTS Love Yourself: Tear concept photo (Image via @BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter)
BTS Love Yourself: Tear concept photo (Image via @BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter)

BTS has been one of the top artists of the decade and naturally has a line of peers waiting to collaborate with them, but it is not that easy to get that chance. They truly choose collaborators who work best with their songs and this involves a lot of back-and-forth, a testament to how seriously they take their artistry and legacy.

The seven members put out nothing short of perfection every time they release a song, and people who collaborate with them always praise their dedication and love for music.

There is never any restriction for the group based on genre or style as they are willing to experiment with it all, having released solo and group collaborations with various artists in various different genres.

BTS' top 5 western collaborations

5) Dream Glow


Dream Glow was a collaboration between BTS' Jin, Jungkook, and Jimin and Charli XCX. This was an original soundtrack for their game BTS WORLD. Charli XCX had written this song in 2016 titled Glow but it was never released.

The song later found its way to the group and she loved the way they reworked it to their style. Each of the four vocalists added their own unique flavor to the song. Their harmonies felt like an out-of-body experience, a blessing to the ears.

4) A Brand New Day


BTS' V and J-Hope hopped on this track with Zara Larsson for their BTS WORLD game original soundtrack. A traditional Korean flute or daegeum is the highlight of this track. The mesh of traditional Korean instruments along with western electro hip-hop elements really makes this song unique and groovy.

J-Hope's melodic rap paired up with V's deep soulful voice and Zara's mellow tones elevates the song to a different height.

3) All Night


BTS' RM and SUGA collaborated with Juice WRLD on the third original soundtrack from their game BTS WORLD. This game has one of the most beautiful soundtracks and some of their best collaborations. The three rappers banded together to create a masterpiece of a song.

They were all feeding off each other's vibes and delivering their best rap performances on this track. It showcases a very melodic rapstyle portraying a chill and laidback vibe. It is definitely a song to jam to late at night.

2) Butter (feat. Megan Thee Stallion)


This collaboration was a much awaited one. Both BTS and Megan are known to create summer anthems, and they came together on this track to create the ultimate summer anthem.

However, this track was almost never going to see the light of day if Megan's previous agency had any power over it. ARMYs found out about this collaboration because of a court case Megan had filed to be able to release the song.

It was a feature she loved being on and was adamant about releasing it, and the boys and ARMYs rallied right behind her. Thankfully, she won and we got this beautiful song.

She also joined the boys during their PTD LA stage and performed the song live at the So-Fi Stadium flaunting their amazing chemistry.

1) My Universe


This is one of the best collaborations the septet has had till date. It is a beautiful song with an even more germane message that talks about unity and diversity and that even if two people are not from the same world, they can always come together.

Coldplay and BTS showed the world how language is no barrier when people are communicating through music. The respect and love both bands have for each other and their artistry is truly commendable and can be witnessed in the the septet's documentary about the same.

Despite all the racism faced by the seven members in the media and the industry during that year, this collaboration showed that legendary artists will always acknowledge each other.

There are also rumors about an upcoming collaboration with Snoop Dogg that he teased, saying that it was very real. Their agency, Bighit Music, has denied the existence of any such rumors at the moment. However, this in ARMY language means that there is probably a collaboration on the horizon.

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