TXT’s Yeonjun: BIGHIT's legendary trainee who has done it all

BIGHIT's legendary trainee, Yeonjun (Image via Twitter/@TXT_bighit)

TXT’s Yeonjun is considered BIGHIT's legendary trainee (BLT), and his multi-talented persona is a testament to the same. His time in the K-pop industry as a versatile artist ever since his pre-debut days earned him the status of BLT, and his fans can’t agree more.

Choi Yeon-jun, the fourth-gen "It Boy," was the first member of TXT to be announced by BIGHIT Entertainment on January 10, 2019. During his trainee days, he ranked first in all monthly evaluations. His varied talents, ranging from dancing to rapping, continue to surprise fans till date. Mastering the art of not one but many skills is a challenge that the idol managed to successfully overcome even before making his official debut.

However, the honor of being bestowed with such a grand title didn’t come to him easily. His perseverance to uplift himself from the constant struggles as a trainee paved the way and made him the jack-of-all-trades.

In light of this, let’s take a look into the many aspects of Yeonjun’s personality that make him BIGHIT's legendary trainee.

BIGHIT's legendary trainee: A title best suited for TXT’s Yeonjun

From topping the monthly evaluation charts for four consecutive years to putting up near-perfect performances, it is not surprising why Yeonjun earned the "BIGHIT's legendary trainee" title. His mastery over rap, dance, and vocals is no joke. Not only is he an immensely talented K-pop idol, but the young artist is equally diligent in other areas as well. Check out some of the qualities that make him the BLT:

1) Over-the-top dancing skills

Yeonjun is the dance powerhouse of TXT. His immaculate dancing skills are a much-talked-about topic in the K-pop industry. His near-perfect moves are the result of his ardent practice sessions during his trainee days. He also featured as an extra during BTS’ V’s Singularity performance at the 2014 Melon Music Awards.

Undoubtedly, the K-pop idol has worked hard to slay each and every move throughout the years. In an interview for Weverse Magazine, he revealed his tussle with dancing:

“I am not a natural-born dancer. In the beginning, I was told that I had a good body shape but lacked muscle. So I worked really hard to build my strength. I also believe the basics are super important in dancing.”

The TXT member also featured in Studio Choom’s Artist of the Month segment, where he showed his dancing skills on Blow by Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Chris Stapleton and Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles.

2) Flawless rapping skills

BIGHIT's legendary trainee auditioned for the agency by performing BTS’ Boy In Luv. Considering the dramatic rap segment that the BTS number offers, it’s only evident how hard Yeonjun had to work to have nailed the audition.

Not only is the idol's rap excellent but his songwriting is beautiful as well. His fellow bandmate and leader of TXT, Soobin, also showered him with compliments during a VLive session. Soobin said:

“Yeonjun’s raps hit me closest because it seemed like he was actually writing about himself, while the others would be talking about their haters.”

His rap segments in Cats and Dogs, Loser=lover, and PUMA, among others, remain iconic to date.

3) Mesmerising vocals

Yeonjun has transcended the boundaries that establish a dichotomy between rapping and singing. He has shown how an artist can master both skills without comprising the quality of either. The eldest TXT member has left no stone unturned to showcase his power of vocalization.

Most recently, his raw vocals while singing Lonely Boy at the Seoul concert as part of ACT: Love Sick World Tour, broke the internet.

His stable voice and stunning delivery delighted TXT’s fandom, MOAs. Overall, this skill added yet another feather to his cap and established him as BIGHIT's legendary trainee.

4) English proficiency

While English proficiency is not a parameter for ranking K-pop idols by any means, it certainly aids them in communicating with their international audience. Furthermore, with Yeonjun being the only TXT member with a personal Instagram account, it becomes imperative for him to engage with his overseas fandom effortlessly, and he does it fantastically.

The fourth-gen It Boy spent his elementary school years in the United States and also took up language proficiency classes from an English academy. These factors are the reason why he is fluent in the language. He is the first member of TXT to take the lead when creating messages for their beloved MOAs.

There is no end to what TXT's Yeonjun can do. The jack-of-all-trades can also play piano, glimpses of which surface on the internet from time to time. He has proved himself worthy of a title as grand as "BIGHIT's legendary trainee." With the K-pop idol winning hearts every day, some more titles are surely on their way to celebrate the idol's multifaceted personality.

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