6 fourth-gen K-pop idols who fit the Dance Machine title

Wooyoung, Yeji, and Hyunjin (Image via YouTube)
Wooyoung, Yeji, and Hyunjin (Image via YouTube)

Fourth-generation K-pop idols have a lot to offer to the music industry. From extraordinary concepts to unique costumes, they are living up to the expectations of every K-pop stan worldwide. Adding to their many accomplishments are their dancing skills that continue to win the hearts of millions.

While it’s a no shocker that the industry sets some of the most enthralling and action-packed choreographies, they also demand every bit of stamina to perfect the same. For an average person, this might seem overbearing, but not so much for the fourth-gen dance machines.

The expertise and skills showcased by some of the dancers in the fourth-generation league amazes not just amateurs but also trained professionals. These K-pop idols have reached the pinnacle of the art form with their spectacular moves and performances.

In light of this, let’s take a quick look at some of the top-tier fourth-gen dancers in the K-pop industry.

Disclaimer: This list is neither ranked nor exhaustive and reflects the author’s opinions.

Six fourth-gen K-pop idols that will sway you with their impressive moves

1) Stray Kids’ Hyunjin


There are no doubts about Stray Kids’ Hyunjin being the best dancer in the industry at the moment. His stunning visuals and remarkable dancing skills are the reasons why fans swoon over the multi-talented artist.

He is part of the ‘DanceRacha’ sub-unit of Stray Kids along with fellow members Lee Know and Felix, and rightly so.

The K-pop idol cemented his reputation as one of the best fourth-generation dancers with his Studio Choom ‘Artist Of The Month’ feature. His powerful chest jerks, clean floorwork, body control, and sheer grace on the Play With Fire dance cover he himself choreographed speak volumes of his astounding dancing skills.

2) ITZY’s Yeji


The leader of the five-member girl band ITZY, Yeji is considered one of the most energetic dancers in the industry. The K-pop idol’s charms and stage presence during a performance cannot be missed out on. Yeji is extremely meticulous when it comes to her dancing skills.

From her debut act on DALLA DALLA to her Studio Choom ‘Artist Of The Month’ feature on Bishop Briggs’ River, the K-pop idol’s sensational moves surely gains attention instantly. Yeji’s flexibility and elegance is another reason why she is rightly acclaimed as an amazing fourth-gen dancer.

3) TXT’s Yeonjun


This list wouldn’t be complete without the mention of TXT’s Yeonjun. The powerhouse of the five-member boy band has swayed fans with his charming personality and incredible dancing skills.

The K-pop idol’s facial expressions are the cherry on top of every performance. From over-exerting himself to give his best, to hitting each move with perfection, Yeonjun's passion for the art form is reflected in his acts.

MOAs (TXT’s fandom) went gaga over Yeonjun’s dance cover on Harry Styles’ Watermelon Sugar and Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, and Chris Stapleton’s BLOW. More recently, the artist’s grooves on LE SSERAFIM’s FEARLESS in one of the episodes of The Game Caterers 2 became a hot topic for fans worldwide.

4) ATEEZ’s Wooyoung


Wooyoung from the eight-member boy band ATEEZ has successfully carved his name amongst the dance machines of the industry. Hailing from a lesser-known agency, KQ Entertainment, the K-pop idol’s perseverance in establishing himself as a renowned dancer in the fourth-gen league is commendable.

ATINYs love not only Wooyoung’s fierce expressions, but also his dynamic dancing style. The K-pop idol's proud and mesmerized reaction to his own 'Artist Of The Month' performance on Christopher’s Bad resonated with every fan worldwide.



Mia, also known as Han Eunji, is the main dancer of the six-member girl group EVERGLOW. The K-pop idol’s charisma and magnetism cannot be hidden from anyone, and fans couldn’t agree more. She has a stunning stage presence and stands out in every other act by the group.

The fast-paced choreography that the girl group often indulges in; is perfected to its core by Mia. Her clean moves and smooth transitions from one step to the other showcase her passion for dancing. The artist’s solo performance in Dun Dun’s music video remains iconic to date, further signifying her prowess as a top fourth-gen K-pop idol.



ENHYPEN’s maknae NI-kI, also known as Nishimura Riki, is the dancing ace of the group. Considering the K-pop idol was quite young when he debuted, he didn’t let his age become a factor in establishing himself as the main dancer ENYHPEN.

The K-pop idol also earned praise for his dancing skills from the globally renowned dancer BTS’ j-hope while the former’s time in I-LAND. j-hope had said:

“He (NI-KI) is a great dancer.”

From angles and body isolations to grace and body control, his stunning expertise in the art form continues to surprise fans and fellow members alike.

The K-pop industry is filled with astounding dancers. Each one of them has certain qualities that are unique in their own way. They all strive to give their best, surpassing tough dance routines and constant exertion, and fans love them for it.

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Edited by Vinay Agrawal