"We love you"- Siesta Key: Miami Moves fans get emotional as Madisson tries to move on from her child's stillbirth

Madisson wants to have another child (Images via madissonhaus/ Instagram)
Fans flooded Twitter with love and support for Madisson (Images via madissonhaus/ Instagram)

Siesta Key: Miami Moves season 5 episode 6 aired on MTV on Thursday, December 8, at 8 pm ET. Madisson Hausburg made her first appearance of the season and said that she would stay for the summer in Miami with her friends. In a conversation with Kelsey, Madisson revealed that she has not been socializing for the past 7 months after losing her son due to a still birth.

Still grieving, Madisson said that she and her husband Ish were trying for another baby, but amid the pressure, she was unable to conceive. Madisson said that Ish was being super supportive of her, but she felt like she was trapped in a vicious cycle of her body being at fault. Cara tried to support her friend by cleansing the air and inviting a tarot card reader, Nicole, to her home.

Madisson was initially nervous, but decided to finally take the psychic's help. Nicole stated that she sees 2 or 3 pregnancies in her life, but not at the moment, predicting a spring 2023 baby with some medical help. The psychic also told Madisson that her son was looking up at her in a protective way and does not understand what happened to him.

She asked Madisson to light a white candle and explain the situation to the spirit of her son. Madisson revealed that she was writing children's books and letters to try to deal with the trauma. Siesta Key: Miami Moves fans got emotional after the psychic reading and flooded Twitter with positive messages for Madisson.

Siesta Key: Miami Moves fans want Madisson to move on

Madisson's son was born two weeks before the delivery date and due to some rare complications passed away in the womb. After the reading, Madisson decided to go to therapy and get some help from others. Siesta Key: Miami Moves fans were glad to hear this and hoped that Madisson would have another child soon.

Recap of Siesta Key: Miami Moves season 5 episode 5

Last week on Siesta Key: Miami Moves, Kelsey Owens came to Miami to meet the cast and to hang out with Cara. Cara wanted someone genuine to talk to and asked Kelsey to find a rental in the new town. Owens was nervous about meeting the other cast members after so long but was welcomed with warm hugs.

Even Juliette apologized for their previous fights and asked her to walk in the Miami Swim Week fashion show, which was a huge success.

The episode description reads:

"As Juliette prepares for "Miami Swim Week," the pressure is on to make JMP the Label successful; Jordana faces criticism when friends worry that Sam's lifestyle is corrupting her; Kelsey visits Miami and begins to fix her friendship."

Lexie broke up with Mike as Mike was treating her more like a friend than a girlfriend.Other than that, Juliette also organized a yacht party where she invited all of her friends. Juliette's PR executives were worried about any fights between her friends that could make the company look unprofessional, but the party went smoothly.

However, some cast members did question Jordana's decision to stay with Sam as he used to party constantly. Jordana refused to talk badly about her friend Sam and left the party early

MTV airs fresh episodes of Siesta Key: Miami Moves every Thursday at 8 pm ET. This week's episode aired on December 8 at the same time.

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