What is the 90s AI Yearbook photo on TikTok? Everything to know as trend takes over the internet

This TikTok trend has gained huge traction (Image via Instagram / @meganbata / @dongdantes)
All about the viral TikTok trend (Image via Instagram/@meganbata and @dongdantes)

Netizens recently began embracing a brand-new TikTok trend that took the internet by storm. This new trend is called the AI Yearbook trend, and it gives individuals a glimpse of how they may have looked if they were popular in high school. Several internet users have hopped onto the trend and have been sharing AI-created retro photographs of themselves on TikTok and Instagram.

Users can choose to be jocks, fashionistas, and more in the AI Yearbook images. The trend also allows them to choose a pose and style that fits their personality the best.

It is currently unclear who started the 90s AI Yearbook photo trend. However, it went viral when Filipino stars like Dingdong Dantes and Megan Young began using it.

Individuals can participate in the 90s AI Yearbook photo trend on TikTok by using the Epik photo-editing software

The feature is available on a South Korean app (Image via Epik and Instagram/@sarahlahbati)
The feature is available on a South Korean app (Image via Epik and Instagram/@sarahlahbati)

How to get the AI Yearbook photos on TikTok?

As per HITC, the new filter comes from the Epik photo-editing software. It is a South Korean picture editing platform owned by Snow, which created the AI photoshoot trend in June.

Epik uses artificial intelligence to make it simple and convenient for users to edit photos. The app transforms the user's everyday photos into timeless yearbook-style masterpieces without a professional photoshoot or photographer. It detects everything, from cosmetics and hairstyles to clothing, facial expressions, jewelry, and more. It then makes certain changes to give the image provided a retro effect.

In addition to this, it also allows users to crop out undesired areas from the image.

Individuals can follow these simple steps to use the feature:

  1. Users must start by looking for Epik on the iOS or Google Play Stores. The AI yearbook filter costs between $5.99 and $9.99, while the program itself is free. So, when an individual uses the filter on the app, they will have to pay for it. Once the app is open, its homepage with display the message "90s Throwback: Create 60 Versions Of You."
  2. Users must choose "AI Yearbook" from the menu.
  3. They can then proceed to post eight to 12 selfies.
  4. After that, they can choose their preferred gender.
  5. The user must then select a payment method. If customers select the "Standard" option, 60 photographs will be processed within 24 hours. The "Express" option will analyze 60 photos in two hours.
  6. Individuals must then click on the "Create Yearbook Images" option.
  7. They can then select the frames and filters that they desire and modify them as well.
  8. Finally, users must click on "Process" to see the final result.

Things to keep in mind before using the app

However, there are a few things to remember while using the app. Those who wish to hop onto the AI Yearbook trend should keep the following points in mind.

  1. Selfies must clearly display the user's face without anything obstructing it. Individuals should avoid uploading pictures in which they are wearing caps, hats, glasses, and other accessories. Additionally, extreme close-ups, full-body images, and group pictures may not be effective.

  2. Additionally, individuals should upload images with a variety of camera angles, facial expressions, and backgrounds. Various outcomes are produced each time.
  3. Furthermore, black and white images shouldn't be submitted as the individual's facial features will not be correctly detected.
  4. No pictures of kids should be uploaded.

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