What is Brian Benni’s job? Family Karma star’s professional life explored ahead of season 3 premiere

Meet Brian Benni ahead of Family Karma
Meet Brian Benni ahead of Family Karma's season premiere (Image via Instagram/@brianbenni_)

Family Karma is set to return to screens this Sunday with more entertainment and drama. The show follows the lives of an Indian-American cast as they showcase their culture and the Indian way of life.

Appearing as main cast members on season 3 are Anisha, Brian, Bali, Vishal, Richa, Monica, Amrit, and Rish.

Brian, 30, is a software consultant getting ready to leave his parents’ house in Family Karma. In the upcoming season, the bachelor is also on the lookout for the woman of his dreams as he seems ready to settle down.

The show will premiere on Sunday, November 6 at 9 pm ET on Bravo.

Brian Benni of Family Karma currently works as a Senior Account Executive at SAP

Brian was born in 1991 to a Gujarati mother and a West Indian father and has a younger brother, Nick. Since the inception of Family Karma, Brian has been a fan-favorite due to his outgoing and playful personality. On season 3, he’s looking for a “Bollywood ending”, much like the rest of the cast.

However, his inspiration isn’t just Indian rom-com movies. In a conversation with Pinkville USA in 2021, Brian opened up about his parents' relationship and said that they weren’t in an arranged marriage.

He added:

"Just seeing the true love they share is motivating. My dad had to woo my mom, and impress her parents like a Romeo Juliet kind of a thing, that fires me up. They are forward thinking and modern. I tell them everything, maybe a bit too much."

Brian is often looked at as the baby of the group, even by his fellow cast members, as in the trailer, one of his cast members says that it’s questionable he’s a grown man.

However, this baby has made a name for himself in the software industry. Brian graduated from Florida State University with a bachelor’s degree in Biology Sciences where he was a part of the Pre-Dental Society as well.

The Family Karma star started his career 12 years ago with a summer internship with Southern Wine & Spirits, where he was exposed to multiple departments such as sales, marketing, delivery, accounting, and more.

This was followed by an Account Executive position for Miami Lakes and for Pivot Technology Services Corporation for two and three years respectively. He currently works as a Senior Account Executive in SAP and has been with the organization for over a year.

This has culminated in a net worth of $300,000 according to Nicki Swift’s Stars Offline reports.

More about the show

Family Karma season 3 will feature a whole lot of Bollywood-ism as it takes off with a Bollywood-inspired wedding. Richa and Vishal decided to tie the knot and the ceremony will be the center of the Bravo show's season premiere.

The two are not the only ones who have found love. In the trailer of the show, Anisha says that she’s found someone new and that “the whole community” is in her business. Her mother is seen asking her whether she is on birth control and also states that she wishes her daughter was more private with her life.

Anisha recently announced that she is married to the mysterious man she mentioned in the trailer. She added that her relationship will be kept under wraps as her husband, who she refers to as a “unicorn”, is not comfortable with the limelight.

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