What can fans expect from Lindsay Hubbard ahead of Summer House season 7? Feud with Danielle Olivera and more explored

Lindsay Hubbard and Danielle Olivera allegedly had a big fight on Summer House Season 7 set (Images via lindshubbs and danielleolivera/ Instagram)
Lindsay Hubbard and Danielle Olivera allegedly had a big fight on Summer House Season 7 set (Images via lindshubbs and danielleolivera/ Instagram)

Summer House cast members Lindsay Hubbard and Danielle Olivera hinted at a fall-out in season 7 of the show during a panel discussion at Bravo Con 2022. Shooting for Summer House season 7 ended in September 2022, and Lindsay did not congratulate her co-star Danielle Olivera for her engagement to Carl Radke on social media.

Lindsay later clarified that she was happy for the couple, but did not see the news coming so soon. Danielle and Carl announced their engagement one month after moving in together. But later on, the two confirmed at Bravo Con that an "unfortunate" event took place while shooting for the show. Lindsay said that Danielle betrayed her a lot and did things that a best friend should not do.

During the October 27 episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Paige and Amanda said that they don’t think that Lindsay and Danielle will ever get over their "secret" fight. Lindsay and Paige will also be seen fighting in Summer House season 7 about some of the things Paige said in the media after season 6 was shot.

Lindsay will also be seen at odds with Ciara as the two did not get over an argument in season 6.

Lindsay Hubbard blamed the situation of Summer House season 7 for their secret feud

After shooting for the show, Lindsay Hubbard said that she did not see Danielle Olivera's engagement coming but accepted that,

"Everyone is on a different timeframe and it is what it is."

At Bravo Con 2022, Lindsay said that the situation of Summer House season 7 was responsible for their secret feud and said,

"(There were) things that a best friend shouldn’t do to your best friend, and I'll just leave it at that."

Lindsay also hinted at a possible reconciliation that she does not want to lose friendships so soon and hoped that the situation would be a "big learning lesson." Danielle told the US in an interview that friendships could take different forms and that she felt like a sister to Lindsay initially, but time would tell the truth about their fight.

Paige and Amanda, on the other hand, hinted that the two would not get over their “deep" feud and that shooting for the show was wild for them. They also could not answer the question of who had a bigger ego - Carl Radke or Lindsay Hubbard. Lindsay's fiance Carl said that the three had a friendship bond but it was natural for people to grow.

At Bravo Con 2022, Kyle Cooke said that he was in the middle of Lindsay and Danielle's fight. He said that he was a friend to both of them and revealed that the co-stars had valid points while fighting each other.

Lindsay and Paige will also find themselves at odds in Summer House season 7. Lindsay told US that the two had gotten along in the summer and laughed on many things together. She was surprised with the "amount of s**t talking that she did." Paige allegedly said nasty things about Lindsay to other people.

In October 2022, her co-star Amanda Batula also told Andy Cohen that Lindsay was often rude to her fans.

Luke Gulbranson, Alex Wach, and Andrea Denver will not return to the show in season 7. Kyle, Amanda, Lindsay, Carl, Paige, Danielle, Ciara, and Mya will be seen on screens in the latest season of Summer House.

Bravo has not shared the premiere date for the new season of Summer House.

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