What happened to Holey Moley's promo man? Stephen Curry gets kidnapped in an all-new episode

Stephen Curry gets kidnapped by Pepe the King Prawn on Holey Moley (Image via stephencurry30/Instagram,@holeymoleyabc/Twitter)
Stephen Curry gets kidnapped by Pepe the King Prawn on Holey Moley (Image via stephencurry30/Instagram,@holeymoleyabc/Twitter)

ABC's hit golf show Holey Moley returned with another interesting episode on Tuesday, May 24, 2022 at 8.00 pm ET. The competition has always been interesting, and this season, the game faces many intriguing challenges that have kept its viewers on the edge of their seats as they await their final winner.

Last week, viewers witnessed a close game between the contestants as they took part in different challenges to ultimately score their designated goals in a bid to compete in the finale. The May 17 episode saw professional golfer Jamie Jacob win the game by overcoming all obstacles, including Corn Hole, The Distractor and The Pecker.

The official synopsis of the show reads:

“Eight mini-golf contestants face off for the golden putter, coveted plaid jacket and a spot in the finals as they fly through the air on The Trap-Tee-Zee, dive through Donut Hole, bring their A-game to Holeywood and make their mark on Full Mooney.”

Holey Moley team get a ransom call from King Prawn

The miniature-golf game showcases a new group of competitors from across the world, who compete against each other on an interesting course filled with obstacles and challenges. They have to overcome all odds until one of them achieves a spot in the Holey Moley season finale.

The official synopsis of the show, titled 'Pepe's Ransom Plan Continues,' reads:

"Down at the fishing hole and all the way to the Full Mooney, a new crop of competitors take a swing at the infamous Holey Moley course in hopes of emerging victorious. Meanwhile, Pepe the King Prawn and Stephen Curry form an unlikely friendship; and later, dreams come true on Holeywood as one competitor leaves with a golden putter, coveted plaid jacket and a spot in the finals."

On this week's episode of Holey Moley, someone receives a ransom call from none other than Pepe The King Prawn. The muppet kidnaps Holey Moley's promo man, or in other words, the show's executive producer, Stephen Curry, and blackmails the host duo into a deal.

While the opposite end do not seem keen on the same and refuse to negotiate, Stephen Curry recognizes that King Prawn is "a madman" and that they should listen to him. The Muppet confesses that he worked for host Rob Riggle. The new season is set to be released by midnight. If they do not participate, they may never see Curry again.

The call ends with the team agreeing to give Pepe his own pilot and TV series on ABC. Check out what fans have to say about the same.

Getting back into the game and in the Holeywood round of the show, the players try to grasp one of the four stars to attempt to score their golden putter. A putter is a club that is used in the game to make short and low-speed strokes to roll the ball into the hole from a short distance.

The position of the ball depends on the star the player catches. If they are unable to catch any, they would then putt from the Riggle Drop Zone. The final two players fight with each other to win the golden putter, the Holey Moley plaid jacket, and a place in the season finale to compete for $250,000.

The synopsis of next week's episode reads:

"Eight contestants joust their way to victory on King Parthur’s Court, attempt to avoid a slip-up at Hole Number Two and face off in a neck-and-neck race that erupts at Polecano to win."

Viewers will get to witness another interesting episode featuring golf lovers and their passion to prove their mettle in the game. Tune in to Holey Moley next Tuesday, May 31, 2022, at 8.00 pm ET on ABC.

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