“What does she have on her???”: RHOSLC fans upset with Heather Gay for supporting Jen Shah’s mean behavior

Jen Shah and Heather Gay from RHOSLC
Jen Shah and Heather Gay from RHOSLC (Image via heathergay/Instagram)

The ladies of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City (RHOSLC) season 3 went to San Diego in the latest episode, which aired on Wednesday, November 30.

Before flying off to the destination, Heather Gay complained about spending time with Jen Shah and the girls. However, she changed her tone once they were in San Diego. Heather was not only seen requesting Danna Bui-Negrete not to trigger the trip’s host, Jen, but also supported the latter’s mean behavior.

Heather took Jen’s side when the latter poured a drink on Angie Katsanevas. Seeing the former's behavior, RHOSLC fans wondered what Jen had on her that Heather was blindly loyal to her.

Heather’s blind loyalty to Jen Shah. What does she have on her???#RHOSLC

Only time will tell whether Jen reciprocates with the same level of loyalty when the cast will attack Heather in the upcoming episodes.

Fans slam Heather Gay for condoning Jen-Angie K’s drink incident

In RHOSLC season 3 episode 9, Heather Gay was seen badmouthing Jen Shah during lunch with Danna Bui-Negrete and Angie Harrington. She complained about going on to the San Diego trip, where Jen didn’t invite Danna and Angie.

However, Danna was “guest of guest” as Meredith Marks invited her. So when the girls reached the destination, Jen’s BFF Angie Katsanevas took the primary bedroom. This annoyed Jen, and she poured a drink on her, stating that it was funny. Heather supported Jen’s behavior and even asked Danna to behave like a “guest of a guest” by not picking up a fight with Jen.

Seeing this, fans took to Twitter to slamm Heather for condoning Jen’s mean behavior.

Heather is really losing me with her blind Jen loyalty. Like what does she have on her?! #RHOSLC
What does Jen have on Heather that she’s always sticking up for her? #RHOSLC
Heather, girl, Jen is NOT your friend. You gotta stop blindly defending her #RHOSLC #WWHL
Heather talking about her limit to supporting Jen @BravoWWHL @BravoTV @Andy #wwhl #rhoslc
Heather saying the drink dumping was funny and needed to be done? Would she really think that if it was done to her? @BravoWWHL @BravoTV @Andy #wwhl #rhoslc
Heather agrees with Jen’s behavior? She couldn’t be my friend. She stands on NOTHING. #RHOSLC
Heather thinks Angie K sticking up for herself is mean? She should take notes… #RHOSLC
it’s wild how heather is so loyal to jen shah who called her shrek last season #rhoslc
I wish Heather stood in this stance of not accepting Jen not being a great friend to her but in real time she’s still blindly loyal 😵‍💫 #RHOSLC

What happened in RHOSLC season 3 episode 9?

Jen Shah planned the San Diego trip to relax and have fun in episode 9 of RHOSLC season 3. Angie K. volunteered to help Jen book a property for the ladies for a few days. But when the group arrived at the villa, Angie K. took the primary room, leaving Jen annoyed.

Jen dumped a glass of champagne on Angie K. and called the incident “fun.” Amid the duo’s arguments, the episode featured a confessional video of Heather, where she described Angie’s reaction to Jen’s behavior. She compared Angie K’s situation to Sissy Spacek’s character in Carrie, where she was covered in pig blood. Heather further supported Jen’s actions and called it a “fun b*tch move.”

#RHOSLC Highlights Part 2 — ❄️ 1. Angie K reveals she paid for Jen’s husband Sharrieff’s birthday party in full. 2. Angie K & Jen get into it. 3. Jen vents about Angie K.…

Furthermore, the fight continued when the ladies hopped in a sprinter van. Angie K. claimed that she paid for Jen’s husband Coach Shah’s birthday which was held at Angie’s new house. While the two ladies were arguing, Heather said in a confessional:

“I came for the walk-through when Angie offered her home. To unload it like that in front of all of us, it feels like su*ker punch, it feels mean and it feels ugly.”

In the upcoming episode, Jen will question Heather’s loyalty toward her. She will ask her to cut ties with Angie Harrington, which will lead to a fight between them.

Heather has already ruined her friendship with Lisa Barlow and Whitney Rose. In the next episode, the former will try to make amends with her, but Heather will not accept it. The latter will also face another fallout with Whitney in San Diego.

This trip will be the cast members’ final getaway before the RHOSLC season 3 reunion. Meanwhile, viewers can watch the latest episode on Bravo’s website or on Peacock on Thursday.

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