"What a legacy": Little People, Big World fans slam Matt for not giving the family farm to his kids

Fans slam Matt for selling the family farm to an outsider despite receiving offers from his kids (Image via mattroloff/Instagram)
Fans slam Matt for selling the family farm to an outsider despite receiving offers from his kids (Image via mattroloff/Instagram)

On the Season 23 finale of Little People, Big World, Matt revealed that he told the kids about his decision to put the farm on sale through an email. He also mentioned that no one had replied to the message.

Matt was stressed about how the kids would react to the news. After their previous argument about the farm, Zach ended up shifting to another town with his family.

However, Zach remained calm this time around and said that not one person replied to the texts because they were all done with the situation. He said that Matt's actions did not make any sense because he always presented the farm as part of the family legacy.

Matt told Amy that he was only selling the north side of the farm and that there would still be 93 acres of the farm left for the kids. He also tried to defend himself by saying that their failure to respond to the texts implied that they had all moved on.

Little People, Big World fans slammed Matt for selling the farm to someone outside the family, and many believed that he would come to regret the decision.

Matt selling the farm didn’t have to be done. You choose money & your girlfriend over your children. What a legacy #LPBW

Little People, Big World fans react after Matt puts the family farm up for sale

Little People, Big World fans were shocked when Matt announced that he was going to put the farm on the market despite having received offers from Jeremy and Zach.

Zach said that Lilah and his soon-to-be-born child would never know the farm's legacy. He said that he had moved on from the issue but wanted his father to keep the farm within the family.

Little People, Big World fans slammed Matt for not giving the farm away to his kids at a lower price. They also felt bad that he told the kids such important news via text.

When Matt dies old, alone, in a cold bed he did it to himself.#LPBW
Zach-β€œYou made your bed, don’t bother us.”#LPBW
#LPBW I get Zack and Jeremy didn't respond to email but what's up with Molly and Jacob? It must be real bad behind the scenes.
Matt & Caryn talked crap about Zac n Tori when they had Jackson tell them about their move BUT they send out an email out telling the kids about selling the farm house. Ooookkk hypocrite. #LPBW
100% agree with Zack. Go do whatever dude, we’ve moved on. I’m absolutely sure Matt sent that message hoping to get a reaction from everyone. #LPBW
The farm would have been Zach's if you would have accepted his offer #LPBW
Matt is a evil little man. The kids could care less. #LPBW
@me1047 He sure did like Zach just said his father is all business no family legacy to carry on. Makes me so sad for his grandchildren and kids! Even Amy actually because she has a lot of memories of her children growing up there. That’s hard!!πŸ˜ͺπŸ’” #LPBW
Matt: "I'm going to let the kids know in their own way* that we're selling the farm."*Matt e-mails the family#LPBW @TLC
#LPBW he told them he was selling the farm in an e-mail!?! Smdh

What happened on Little People, Big World tonight?

Tonight on Little People, Big World, Chris bought frogs and fish for the grandchildren. Amy invited Zach and Tori so their grandchildren could play with them and name the frogs.

Amy also asked Matt to lend her his exercise bicycle. She was surprised to learn that Matt had still not told his kids that he planned to sell the farm to someone else. Chris mentioned that he never doubted that one of the kids would end up getting the farm.

Caryn and Matt went to a pottery class. Matt revealed that his father was a hardcore pottery enthusiast. Caryn stated that she came to the class to keep her relationship exciting.

Matt mentioned that when he moved out at the age of 18, his mother gave him many handmade utensils that were later broken by his kids. He revealed that he had just one of the handmade mugs left and that he wanted to make more cups.

Zach did not have much of a reaction upon hearing the news that Matt was selling off the family farm, and Tori added that they were both completely disconnected from the farm situation at this point.

The episode description reads:

"Matt updates the family with news about Roloff Farms. When no one responds, Matt is left hoping that his relationship with Zach is not in jeopardy yet again. Amy confronts Matt about the conflict he's caused with the family."

Season 23 of Little People, Big World has now come to an end. TLC has not made any announcements regarding Season 24 yet.

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