What did Lizzo do on SNL? Artist's performances explored as Internet calls her "best musical guest" ever

Lizzo debuts as SNL host, wins fans' hearts (Image via @nbcsnl/Twitter)
Lizzo debuts as SNL host, wins fans' hearts (Image via @nbcsnl/Twitter)

This week's Saturday Night Live (SNL) saw American singer, rapper, and songwriter Lizzo poll double duty as the host as well as the musical guest. While Kim Kardashian's debut received a lot of scrutiny about who does or doesn't qualify to headline the comedy show, Lizzo didn't get too much of that.

The Grammy winner opened up about the aspect of the gig that did make her nervous. She made her second appearance as a musical guest on the show. Her first one was back in 2019, when she performed Truth Hurts and her other hits during Eddie Murphy’s return as SNL's host.

Fans were impressed with Lizzo's appearance on the show. One fan tweeted:

Lizzo hosted the best #SNL I've seen in years. And was the best musical guest too.

Lizzo previously appeared on the Season 14 premiere of RuPaul's Drag Race in January this year, and also made a famous public appearance, winning Halloween costumes among celebrities with her Baby Yoda costume.

Lizzo opens up about her nervousness doubling up as host and musical guest on SNL

Ahead of her SNL hosting debut, she spoke to SiriusXM about being nervous before the gig started. The 33 year-old singer shared that “corpsing,” or breaking character, in front of comedy veterans could be an issue. She said:

"You know, what I'm most nervous of is laughing. I gotta do atleast one sketch where I'm in character. I'm such a smiley, laughey b**ch. Like, I don't know if I'm gonna be able to take anybody serious. Like Kate McKinnon looking at me like, how can you keep a straight face?"

Speaking about her admiration for the cast and writers of the show, Lizzo said:

"I'm gonna tell you something. Yes. I have so much respect for the people at SNL cause these mo**er f***ers work hard. It's a lot of work they put in. I mean, they write so many sketches every single week, sketches that you never even see. But I feel like I'm in good hands too. 'Cause they're all very funny people I'm like, 'make me funny.'"

Fans were thoroughly impressed with the star's debut as host and her second appearance as a musical guest. They took to social media to cheer for her. Read on to find out what the fans have to say about Lizzo on SNL.

@nbcsnl I just had to say.I've never listened to @lizzo before tonight but OMG She blew me away.#SoSpecial Admittedly I'm not her target audience but she is AMAZING.Funny & Fabulous.Thanks for being You.The brilliance of your Light will shine on all who are lucky to be in your Glow
@nbcsnl This is the funniest SNL I’ve seen in a long time. Lizzo’s on fire!
@nbcsnl This was a great song, and I didn’t know she could play that kind of flute. She is way better in the sketches than I expected! She’s one of the rare musical guest-hosts who’s actually good in sketches.
@nbcsnl Lizzo!!! The best show I have seen in a long time. You are so amazing as an artist. Love you girl. Keep the faith
@nbcsnl Lizzo is great! She has amazing comedic timing, and unlike some past hosts, she’s not staring at the cue cards. She definitely needs to host again next season!
@nbcsnl @lizzo is killing it tonight! Best musical at y’all have had in a while!!! And great host! ❤️ her energy!
@nbcsnl @lizzo In all honesty, not really a fan of @Lizzo and wasn’t looking forward to this — but she was wonderful. Genuinely funny and charismatic and she brought a joy to the whole show that was palpable. Terrific show.
@nbcsnl @lizzo This episode was sheer joy. Lizzo made every single sketch fun to watch, brought excellent new music as usual, and it was clear the cast was having a great time too. Loved, loved, loved it!
@nbcsnl @lizzo So much fun tonight! Thanks to @lizzo for laughs and the music 🎶 #snl
@nbcsnl @lizzobr Lizzo on SNLwas the best. I laughed so hard 🤣😂

A little sneak peak into Lizzo's journey on SNL

During her first appearance as a musical guest, she co-starred with Aidy Bryant in 'Aidy Bizzo.' With her second time performing on the show, and the first time hosting, Lizzo delivered a monologue that will definitely be remembered for quite some time.


The star said that she was going to break the record for the number of times she would say the word "b**ch" on national television. She waved to her mother in the audience and mentioned a TED Talk she gave on the history of twerking.

Lizzo was also part of the game show, where she played Nicole along with Ego Nwodim, who played Tracy, and Chris Redd, who played Kenny. Nicole mistook the name for Kennedy Airport and doubled down on the wrong answer, following which she playfully angered the game show's host Clint, played by Kenan Thompson.

Among other sketches and scenes, her musical performances included her hit song, About Damn Time, and her preview material for her next album out in July this year. She also showcased her skills as a flutist along with Aidy Bryant, Kate McKinnon, and the entire gang.

A special moment for all viewers was when Matthew Laurance paid a tribute to former SNL cast member and comedy legend Gilbert Gottfried. He first met Gottfried in the offices. Sharing his memories with the legend, he said:

"The amazing thing about Gilbert was always, from the first time you saw, so unique. So different from anybody. He was very shy. You've got to remember there were a lot of very funny, creative people around and Gilbert was always kind of in the background. It was almost like he was deferring."

Several newbie hosts have taken the reins in Season 47, including, Rami Malek, Kim Kardashian, Owen Wilson, Jonathan Majors, and others.

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