What is a medium? Fans voice out their concerns as Married At First Sight couple Jasmina and Michael talk to a psychic

Will Married At First Sight couple Jasmina and Michael stay married? (Image via mafsinsider/Instagram)
Will Married At First Sight couple Jasmina and Michael stay married? (Image via mafsinsider/Instagram)

Lifetime's Married At First Sight aired its 14th episode on Wednesday. Decision Day loomed upon the couples as they went on their last romantic getaway to Vermont on the show.

Married At First Sight couple Jasmina and Michael have had a good run after their initial bumps in their relationship. With the season nearing its end, it looks like they are the closest to staying together after the reality TV dating show.

In this week's episode, the pair sat down together with a medium. During the session, Michael opened up about many things, including his deceased brother and father.

The couples on the show have had several interventions throughout the course of the season. Initially, it was Pastor Cal who talked to them about better communication. Later, Dr. Viviana spoke to them about building intimacy.

Recently, Pastor Cal and Dr. Pepper dealt with unanswered questions in the couples' relationships.

What is a medium? Married At First Sight fans talk about the session with the expert

A medium or spirit medium is someone who is able to communicate with souls on the other side. The person in charge of a session is supposedly able to make contact with the world of spirits, especially while in a state of trance. Disembodied voices are said to speak during the session, either directly or through the medium.

Psychic and mediums aren't exactly synonyms. However, while psychics supposedly have the ability to give information about the past, the present, or even the future, they cannot speak with the other side. This is what mediums do.

Here's what fans had to say about Jasmina and Michael's session:

Details on Married At First Sight couple Michael and Jasmina's session with a medium

Jasmina and Michael sat down with a medium in the 14th episode of Married At First Sight.

During the session, Michael opened up about his deceased brother. He also spoke about his relationship with Jasmina and their future.

While talking about Michael's brother and how he was shot, the medium said:

"You've had some messages from him and he's telling me you've seen him in dreams. He's just connecting to you through that way."

Michael also talked about his father's death and how close he was to him.

Jasmina was really worried about her husband and how the session would take a toll on him.

In a confessional, she said:

"I'm feeling myself getting a little emotional as Lauren is talking to Michael about his brother and how his dad passed. I'm worried about how this might take a toll on him."

In her reading, the medium predicted that Jasmina and Michael would have lots of children, boys in particular, and would be happy together if they stayed married.

She also claimed that while both of them will find someone if they are separated, they will regret not being together.

While sitting with the other Married At First Sight couples the next morning, Michael thanked Jasmina for letting him open up and understanding him. He said:

"I was glad that Jasmina said 'I need you to understand that you might not be in a mental space to handle whatever the medium is gonna say so make sure that you're okay with this before you continue..'....And it just made me feel like she's really looking out for me. That was powerful, so I really appreaciate that."

The Married At First Sight couples have just two weeks left until Decision Day. They will have to decide whether they want to stay together as a married couple after the show or go their separate ways by getting divorced.

What will Jasmina and Michael choose to do? Tune in to Married At First Sight next Wednesday at 8.00 pm ET on Lifetime to find out.

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