Married At First Sight: Couples reflect on their time together, Chris provides an ultimatum

Married At First Sight couples discuss their relationships (Image via mafslifetime/Instagram)
Married At First Sight couples discuss their relationships (Image via mafslifetime/Instagram)

Lifetime's Married At First Sight couples reflected on their respective journeys at the dinner table in the show's sixth episode. Gathering at dinner, the couples spent time with each other and ended up discussing their time at the honeymoon, how many kids they would want and differences in opinions, if they have had any.

The highlight of the dinner on Married At First Sight came when questions were raised about Chris and Alyssa's relationship, which led to Chris giving Alyssa an ultimatum to decide how to move forward in their relationship. Alyssa preferred not having to answer anything in public, and the other couples resonated with the decision.

Married At First Sight couples talk about their time together, Chris asks Alyssa to make a decision

The Married At First Sight couples sat together to discuss their future after their honeymoon. Mark began by asking everyone if they were excited to get back to the real world. The couples then discussed who would have babies first and how many they would prefer.

After a light-hearted conversation on Married At First Sight, Chris opened up to say that he did not believe in marriage or kids earlier, but over the past few years, as he built his confidence, career and mental health, he realized that he was now ready.

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The couples then went on to address their issues, with Michael being the first to open up. He said:

"We've been having an issue with my communication style. Because if I'm telling my wife, 'What you're doing is hurting me,' there is a way to deliver that message that doesn't sound so [aggressive]. So I'm still learning how to convey a message that is beneficial and it doesn't create a bigger issue because of how I said something."
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Other members applauded his efforts at making changes and acknowledging the issue for their benefit. Olajuwan was the next to open up as he said:

"I learned that I gotta- It's not just 'I', there's a 'we' and I can't keep pushing my wife to the limit on every excursion and everything I do in my life. I am just a energized person, but not everybody's like that and I have to learn to have more patience and hear what she's saying."

Married At First Sight star Jasmina admitted that even though Katina and Olajuwan communicated on different levels, they seemed to balance each other out. Next, Noi spoke about how Steve communicated with her:

"He's very analytical, very logical, he's a realist. So for me, I had to recognize that like just because he's not reflecting what I'm saying right away, it doesn't mean he's not feeling it."

Steve confessed that he had been learning to give verbal affirmations. Mark reflected on his relationship with Lindsey and said:

"I think for me, it's just, like, allowing my wife to help me in things that I'm used to doing for myself. And I've never had like a situation where I had so much support out the gate."

Chris gives Alyssa an ultimatum

Chris just needs to see effort! #MAFS

When it came to Chris and Alyssa on Married At First Sight, Chris decided to step up and provide Alyssa with an ultimatum. Chris was frustrated when Alyssa talked about sharing the apartment and not living together. Chris said:

"I had not heard that strategy. That's not something I'm interested in. I love all of you, I didn't come here for you guys. I am either all in or all out. I am not looking to spend time with you like divorced parents."
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Married At First Time star Chris realized that Alyssa just wanted to enjoy the experience of living in the apartment building and that it had nothing to do with living with Chris.

"My drive is to find the person I'm gonna spend the rest of my life with. And if somebody wants to move exceptionally slowly, that's fine with me... But I can't take those steps..unless I get something that's not zero back."

Alyssa felt that Chris was trying to make her look bad on the show and did not want to discuss this in public, which the others respected. When they spoke in private, Chris blamed her for not being on the show for the right reasons while Alyssa thought that it was not fair to her and would not give him an answer until next week.

Married At First Sight airs every Wednesday at 8.00 pm ET on Lifetime.

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