What did Theresa Cain do? Ohio family dies in apparent murder-suicide

(From left) Stephen Cain, Theresa Cain, Samantha Cain, Ethan Cain, (Image via wikibioinformation/Twitter)
(From left) Stephen Cain, Theresa Cain, Samantha Cain, Ethan Cain, (Image via wikibioinformation/Twitter)

On February 27, 2023, Theresa Cain (46) fatally shot her husband, son, and father in an apparent murder-suicide. She also reportedly shot her 20-year-old daughter, Samantha Cain, who survived but remains in critical condition at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. The victims have been identified as Theresa Cain’s husband Steven Cain (50), her son Ethan Cain (13), and father William Felton (74).

According to authorities, deputies arrived at the residence to serve an eviction notice and heard multiple gunshots. Theresa shot her family members before turning the gun on herself. When law enforcement officials entered the house, they found four bodies and one one person breathing but in a critical condition.

The tragic incident happened at the family’s residence on Riebel Ridge Road in Ohio Township. Authorities are hoping for Theresa Cain’s fast recovery so that she can provide them with some vital information regarding the case.

Ohio resident Theresa Cain killed four family members and then shot herself to death on Monday

When deputies arrived at Cain’s residence on Riebel Ridge Road in Ohio Township to serve an eviction notice, they heard multiple gunshots. After rushing inside, they found five family members with gunshot wounds. One of them, later identified as Samantha, was alive and was taken to the hospital.

The rest of the family members were pronounced dead. Upon investigation, law enforcement officials found no signs of forced entry into the house. The mother, Theresa Cain, reportedly shot her family members before killing herself. Police are awaiting Samantha’s fast recovery to unearth the course of events that occurred that day in the house. Sheriff’s officials stated:

“She [Samantha] could provide vital information into this horrific incident which could assist detectives with answers as to the motive, which remains under investigation.”

Alicia Humphrey, a neighbor, stated that she never knew the family too well. However, she always felt they were a typical family. She added:

“There are people who are struggling out there at times. I think we just never know. All we can do is pray for that family.”

Theresa Cain’s son, Ethan, was studying at the New Richmond School. According to school superintendent Tracey Miller’s statement, Ethan's demise was unexpected and saddening:

“We are stunned and saddened by the loss of Ethan Cain. Ethan was loved by students and staff alike, and his loss leaves a tremendous hole in the heart of our district and our community.”

Miller also stated that Ethan was quiet and “a wonderful, wonderful kid.”

Theresa Cain’s daughter Samantha also graduated from New Richmond School, and Miller has requested prayers for her fast recovery. The latter also stated that a crisis response team was present at the school on Tuesday, February 28, and that the entire community was grieving the family's loss. The statement further read:

“We ask you to keep Ethan's sister, a recent New Richmond High School graduate, Samantha Cain, in your thoughts as well. The entire New Richmond community is behind her in this fight.”

A GoFundMe fundraiser has been initiated by Samantha’s sorority sisters at Northern Kentucky University. It aimed at raising an amount of $25,000. Over 600 people have already donated, and the fundraiser has raised more than $21,000. The fundraiser post read:

“Four members of her family have passed away from what the police believe to be a potential murder-suicide. Samantha currently remains in a critical condition in the hospital and we would like to try and raise money for any expenses that she might face when she wakes up.”

Another neighbor named Tricia Bosse mentioned that law enforcement officials arrived at their door to let them know what was happening. Tricia mentioned that she met Theresa Cain and her husband Steve back in 2015 when they moved there. She continued:

“I went down and... he had on a Pittsburgh Steelers t-shirt, and we are die-hard Bengals fans, like, ‘Hey, not too sure how this is going to go. We’re Bengals fans you got that Steelers shirt.”

The neighbor further mentioned that the family had reportedly moved there from Connecticut. She added:

“I was shocked that the eviction was going to happen on Monday. Another neighbor called, and I said, 'Hey I just told the neighbor across the street to let them know that I can take care of Sam and E (Ethan), I'll come home,' and he said, 'You don't need to come home.’”

Several other murder-suicide cases has recently been reported across the US

Police are trying to unearth a chain of events in the murder-suicide case involving Theresa Cain. Several cases of murder-suicide have surfaced across the country. In February 2023, a New Jersey father killed his family before shooting himself.

In a separate incident in Massachusetts, on February 9, a man fatally shot his wife and son before killing himself. Apart from that, another case of murder-suicide was reported on November 23, 2022, in Phoenix, when a 44-year-old man killed his entire family and then committed suicide.

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