What time will Beachside Brawl air on Food Network? Format, cast, release date and more details explored

Chefs Tiffani Faison and Brooke Williamson with Antonio Lofaso on Beachside Brawl (Image via Food Network)
Chefs Tiffani Faison and Brooke Williamson with Antonio Lofaso on Beachside Brawl (Image via Food Network)

Food Network is bringing its viewers a new cooking show this summer, Beachside Brawl season 1. The show will feature a battle between the west and east coast dishes on June 19n at 10/9c. Chefs Tiffani Faison and Brooke Williamson are set to the part of this war, along with host chef Antonia Lofaso.


Chefs Faison from the east coast and Williamson from the west will be heading their teams of four members each. Both captains will guide and cook with their teams throughout the competition to emerge as the best food coast. Ultimately, the winning team will be crowned Best of the Beach and win a dream beach getaway worth up to $25,000.

The official synopsis of Beachside Brawl reads:

From fresh West Coast fish tacos to buttery East Coast lobster rolls, beach and Brooke Williamson bites coast to coast are undeniably delicious. Antonia Lofaso challenges the foremost cooks from both coasts in the ultimate battle to determine which coast does summer food best on Beachside Brawl on Food Network and discovery+.

More about season 1 of Beachside Brawl: A coastal feast involving an exotic menu

Beachside Brawl will be a six-week competition that will test the finest cooks on the coast. In the premiere episode, to serve the beachgoers, host Lofaso will challenge the two teams to prepare an exotic menu consisting of boardwalk stand dishes representing their coast.

Moreover, every dish must contain a stick, a fried item, something in a bun, something cheesy, and something sweet. From budget-oriented seafood banquets to tropical destination dinners and from million-dollar yacht meals to boardwalk bake sales, contestants will be judged in summer-themed showdowns throughout the competition.

Contestants appearing on Beachside Brawl are:

East coast Tiffani Faison will include a team of talented participants, including Jared Brown (Long Branch, NJ), Edward Lordman (Pensacola, FL), Ben Porter (Cape Cod, MA), and Jada Vidal (Tampa Bay, FL). On the other hand, Brooke Williamson will guide the accomplished chefs of the West Coast, including Kaleena Bliss (Seattle, WA), Brian Madayag (Edmonds, WA), Joshua Mouzakes (San Diego, CA), and Jessica Roy (Newport Beach, CA).

Every week, teams will be facing a new challenge by Antonio Lofaso. Also, viewers will see a couple of guest judges joining her, such as Stephanie Boswell, Noah Cappe, Tim Hollingsworth, Rashida Holmes, Sabin Lomac, Jeremy McBryde, and Ben Robinson.

In an interview with Food Network, Antonia expressed her excitement to work in the show:

“With my strong connection to both coasts — being born on the east and growing up on the west — I’m so thrilled to oversee this competition as my two talented friends, Tiffani Faison and Brooke Williamson brawl on the beach to prove their coast is best,”

She further explained;

“Audiences will love cheering for their favorite beach foods and rooting for their coast.”

Moreover, Jane Latman, President, HGTV Streaming & Home Content, said in a press release about selecting the head judge of The Julia Child Challenge as the host of the upcoming show:

“Antonia Lofaso’s culinary expertise and ties to both coasts makes her the ideal host to preside over this coast vs. coast battle for the best beach eats,”

Viewers can watch Beachside Brawl season 1 on Food Network from June 19.

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