What time will Married at First Sight Season 14 Episode 14 air? Plot, release date and more explored

Married At First Sight couples get together for a last romantic getaway (Image via mafsinsider/Instagram)
Married At First Sight couples get together for a last romantic getaway (Image via mafsinsider/Instagram)

As Lifetime's Married At First Sight inches closer to the end, couples are spending as much time together as possible so they can get to know each other better. However, things have not been smooth for most couples. They have had multiple arguments and misunderstandings over the course of the season.

Married At First Sight experts have held several interventions with all the couples together as well as individually. In the middle of the season, Pastor Cal spoke to them about how to communicate better with each other. Later in the season, Dr. Viviana offered her suggestions on how to inculcate intimacy with their spouses.

Last week's episode saw the couples having a one-on-one conversation with Pastor Cal and Dr. Pepper. Each participant brought up the questions they had at the back of their minds.The conversations initiated a lot of discussions amongst the cast.

Details of Married At First Sight Season 14 Episode 14

Married At First Sight will air its next episode on April 13, 2022 at 8.00 pm ET on Lifetime. The couples will spend more time together after having interventions with the experts and, therefore, understanding what their core issues are and how they can work them out.

The official synopsis of the episode reads:

"With just two weeks left until Decision Day, the four couples head to Vermont for a last romantic getaway; despite sound baths, adventure parks, and fun with alpacas, not everything is fun and games, especially when one person ends up in urgent care."

Viewers can expect a fair share of drama from the upcoming episode as the participants uncover a significant number of issues and concerns on their way to the last romantic outing in Vermont.

The preview shown on last week's episode saw the couples having fun adventures and playing with animals, but it looks like the fun part does not last very long. All of them end up having serious discussions with each other, which turn out to be better for some and worse for the rest.

Katina and Olajuwon spend their outing playing with animals, especially alpacas. While he sees his wife enjoying it, he says:

"Seeing my wife being so involved in this, right now, with the animals - it is so s**y and so attractive."

The couple have seen better days since Olajuwon's outburst at Katina for having a dating application on her phone. In their respective Married At First Sight interventions, they were told to be more vulnerable with each other and try to develop intimacy. This week, they both sit down to talk about kids.

Olajuwon finds out that Katina has two years left in school and asks her how they can expect to have kids just after school.

Mark, on the other hand, seems to have had another fight with Lindsey after the couples played a game together. He sits with Michael and has a serious discussion but the scene cuts to Lindsey telling Mark that she is done with him.

Jasmina and Michael are seen sitting with a woman who says:

"You'll really regret the moment of not staying in this marriage."

With two weeks left until Decision Day, the Married At First Sight couples, Katina and Olajuwon, Mark and Lindsey, Steve and Noi, and Jasmina and Michael, have to truly ask themselves what they want and if they can be happy together. They can either choose to stay married or get divorced at the end of the show. Who will choose to stay and who will leave?

Tune in to Married At First Sight on Lifetime to find out.

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