What to expect from Married at First Sight season 14 episode 13? Air date, plot and more about Lifetime’s reality show

It's time for another Married At First Sight intervention by Pastor Cal and Dr. Pepper (Image via mafsinsider/Instagram)
It's time for another Married At First Sight intervention by Pastor Cal and Dr. Pepper (Image via mafsinsider/Instagram)

Lifetime's Married At First Sight is giving its viewers an equal dose of drama and emotions in its 14th season. The reality TV show has become very popular among fans, giving them a glimpse into different relationships on the show, as well as allowing them to clearly mark red flags and emotional connections along the way.

For the past two months, individuals on Married At First Sight have been trying to forge meaningful relationships with their spouses who were practically strangers when they first got married. However, having now spent some time together, the couples have dealt with their fair share of romance, misunderstandings and arguments.

Details on Married At First Sight Season 14 Episode 13

Turn on @lifetimetv cause it’s time for a brand-new episode of #MAFS

Married At First Sight Season 14, episode 13 will air on Wednesday, April 6, 2022 at 8.00 pm ET on Lifetime. Viewers will have to gear up for the drama that will be coming their way with this episode.

This week's episode has the show's experts Pastor Cal and Dr. Pepper having one-on-one conversations with all of the individuals to gain some perspective on where they stand with respect to their relationships.

Previously, the couples had expert interventions from Pastor Cal and Dr Viviana, where the former spoke to them about building connections based on communication and the latter spoke to them about building physical and emotional intimacy.

Even after receiving expert advice multiple times on the show, the couples have struggled to form strong bonds, with conversations leading to arguments and fights, and a lot of them "walking away" accompanied by producers trying to convince them to get back.

In the preview shown at the end of episode 12, we have Noi sitting for a conversation with Steve and the latter points out:

"You are telling the world that I am not good enough for you."

For this couple, arguments have always centered on Steve's finances and Noi's lack of companionship. While she is concerned about her husband not having a stable job, he feels that his wife is not taking the initiative to make the marriage a combined effort.

For Mark and Lindsey, the marriage feels like it is going far south. The couple have had major fights over their communication patterns and lack of intimacy, which result in another altercation on this week's episode.

When Lindsey tells Mark that he is not showing up enough for her, he says:

"Okay. I don't feel like you communicate healthy at all. I feel you're negative. I feel you complain and you nag."

It looks like Olajuwon has some serious feedback coming from Married At First Sight expert Dr Pepper. While she points out that he has been belittling his wife Katina over the course of the past few episodes, he does not take it well. While the cast is gathered at the beach house, he says:

"You got to see.. I care for my wife..and Dr Pepper has some concerns...she said 'What bothers me and its clear, you belittle your wife and you make yourself seem more superior.' So I said to Dr Pepper..'no you got the wrong impression of us.'"

He continued:

"My wife is very reserved and I'm out there, I speak a lot. I like to talk, we all know it could seem like maybe I'm talking like, trying to belittle you or something. Ask my wife..did I belittle you?"

He goes on to say that Dr Pepper's advice did not help him and "90% of it was a waste." The preview ends with the experts visiting the couples.

@CalvinRoberson and @pepperschwartz are not playing games tomorrow on #MAFS at 8/7c 😳

As the couples inch closer to the eight-week duration of the experiment, they have a big decision to make. Will they continue to stay married to their partner after the show ends or choose to go their separate ways? With their recent one-month anniversary celebration, are they heading on the right path or will things go south?

Tune in to Married At First Sight on Lifetime to find out.

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