What time will Married to Medicine Season 9 Episode 3 air on Bravo? Release date and more details explored

Dr. Contessa and Dr. Heavenly get in an ugly spat (Images via dr_heavenly and drcontessa /Instagram)
Dr. Contessa and Dr. Heavenly get in an ugly spat (Images via dr_heavenly and drcontessa /Instagram)

If you think last week's episode was dramatic, you haven't seen the promo for tonight's episode of Married to Medicine.

Episode 3 of Married to Medicine Season 9 will air on Sunday, July 24 on Bravo at 9 pm ET. The episode will also be made available on the network's website and on Peacock TV. Fans can catch up on the new and old episodes of the show on Fubo TV and DirecTV Stream.

The episode will feature a violent fight between Contessa and Heavenly after the ladies try to stage and intervention for Heavenly for her YouTube videos. Heavenly has made fun of many ladies and their relationships on her personal YouTube channel, and in Toya's words, has 'ambushed' them.

What to expect from Married to Medicine Season 9 Episode 3?

Fans can expect a big showdown from tonight's episode as the Married to Medicine cast can be seen preparing for an intervention for Dr. Heavenly at Contessa Metcalfe's house in her home theater. The ladies planned to give Dr. Heavenly an intervention for her remarks on the ladies on her YouTube channel.

Quad will tell the ladies,

"Ya'll are some dirty, low-down people."

She would not agree with the cast's plan on trying to convince Heveanly to quit making videos on them, but others would disagree. Some cast members can be heard saying that this was an ambush on Dr. Heavenly.

It does not seem like the intervention will work as seen in the recent promo. Contessa can be seen crying and saying that her marriage was not a 'fun' topic and that Heavenly was taking the ladies' effort as a joke. Heavenly, on the other hand, can be seen choking Dr. Contessa.

The episode description reads,

"Simone and Cecil ask for advice about their book from an old friend; Dr. Jackie gives a patient very important advice; Anila says her final goodbye to Ms. Gomez and wonders what is next for her."

Anila's children's nanny, Ms. Gomez, will leave her job to spend time with her family. Anila is a social media influencer with 80,000 followers and works more than 40 hours a week on shipments of her own merchandise. As she said in her Instagram post, it was very difficult for her to handle her work and two children together. Married to Medicine fans will see her struggling to handle work and family together Episode 3 onwards.

Toya can be seen complaining that her husband Eugene is a workoholic and has no clue what she likes. She can be seen buying and decorating tulips for herself in the promo. Quad will tell Simone how her life changed after her nephew came into her life and that she would never let another man treat her the way her nephew does.

Simone and Cecil will be heard discussing their new book, a relationship advice book. The couple has been married for 25 years and both come from 'divorced' families.

What happened on Married to Medicine last week?

Anila’s family nanny Miss Gomez surprised the couple with a fabulous dinner in their new home and the news that she was leaving for Houston forever to spend time with her grandchildren. Anila felt a little blindsided and said that she had no idea what to do without her nanny and was worried that she might have to quit working.

Heavenly did not include Contessa in her fashion show and Contessa was angry with Heavenly about the same.

Married to Medicine airs every Sunday on Bravo TV at 9 pm ET.

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