What time will Married to Medicine Season 9 episode 4 air on Bravo? Drama and personal struggles to continue

Married to Medicine Season 9 episode 4 airs on Sunday (Image via drcontessa/Instagram)
Married to Medicine Season 9 episode 4 airs on Sunday (Image via drcontessa/Instagram)
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Married to Medicine Season 9 episode 4 will air at 9pm ET/PT on July 31. The Bravo show films the lives of a group of seven women who either work in the medical field or are married to partners who do.

In the upcoming episode, the struggles between the women continue and things get heated between the men too. Dr. Heavenly, Dr. Contessa Metcalfe, Dr. Jackie, Dr. Simone, and newcomer Anila Sajja are all back in the mix for some highly entertaining drama.

About Married to Medicine Season 9 episode 4

In a preview of the upcoming episode of Married to Medicine, the issue with Heavenly's YouTube channel continues to trouble both the women and men on the show. Things take a dramatic turn when the men seem to be getting into a verbal altercation.

The official description of episode 4, titled Party Foul, reads:

“Heavenly grapples with changing her ways; Contessa must decide whether to let go of one of her closest friendships; Anila tries to juggle work and her children; a Halloween party stunt by Anila and Kiran goes awry.”

In the preview clip, Anila finds it difficult to manage both her kids and work after bidding an emotional farewell to their nanny Miss Gomez, who has looked after her kids for the past 5 years. She calls her mother to find out how she juggled so well.

After the intervention by Contessa, Toya and Simone in the last episode, Heavenly is struggling to find a way to deal with the situation.

Contessa is also at a crossroads on whether she must let go of her friendship with Heavenly after the latter shared Contessa's marital problems with the world through her YouTube Channel.

What happened in episode 3 of Married to Medicine

The previous episode of Married to Medicine saw the ladies getting into a fight again over Heavenly's YouTube channel content. The description of the episode, titled Heavenly Intervention, read:

“Simone and Cecil ask for advice about their book from an old friend; Dr. Jackie gives a patient very important advice; Anila says her final goodbye to Ms. Gomez and wonders what is next for her.”

In the previous episode, Contessa, Toya and Simone planned an intervention for Heavenly over her YouTube channel where she constantly talked about the personal lives of the other women to get likes and increase followers on her social media account.

For her clarification, Heavenly said she only said those things on camera, which the ladies say behind each other’s back. Things got ugly between Contessa and Heavenly after the latter said that Contessa was upset about her troubled marriage and not with her. This did not go well with Contessa who yelled at her, saying that making a marriage work for 16 years is no joke.

Other than this, Dr Simone met Quad for lunch and was surprised to see her on time. The duo then discussed how her nephew Mason’s arrival have bought a positive change in Quad’s life.

Mason first appeared on Married to Medicine in Season 4 when he was just a 1-year-old baby. He lovingly refers to her as “maunty.” He is the son of Quad’s younger brother, Quentin, who passed away in 2020 “at the tender age of 34 from complications of the heart.”

Toya also opened up to Contessa about how her husband does not pay attention to her. Dr. Jackie advised her patient that African-American women are four to five times more likely to die during delivery.

Tune in on Bravo on Sunday to watch more drama-filled episodes of Married to Medicine.

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