What time will RHOA Season 14 Episode 7 air on Bravo? Drew x Sanya feud and more expected

Tensions continue between Drew and Sanya (Images via @drewsidora & @sanyarichiross/Instagram)
Tensions continue between Drew and Sanya (Images via @drewsidora & @sanyarichiross/Instagram)

Season 14 Episode 7 of RHOA, titled Who Gon Check on Me, Boo?, will air on June 19, 2022, on Bravo at 8 pm ET. The episode will feature not one but two fights between Kenya and Sheree and between Drew and Sanya.

RHOA features some of the most affluent women in Atlanta and their personal and professional struggles. Season 14 of RHOA features Cynthia Bailey-Hill, Drew Sidora, Kenya Moore, Marlo Hampton, Porsha Williams, Sanya Richards-Ross, and Sheree Whitfield.

Fights, fights, and more fights! What to expect from RHOA Season 14 Episode 7?

Episode 7 of RHOA Season 14 will feature Drew and Sanya having an argument during Sanya’s cooking class. The women fought after Sanya disinvited Drew for her photoshoot and instead chose Kandi and Kenya to model in the previous episode.

In a preview for RHOA, Drew can be seen confronting Sanya about her not paying for Artez’s makeup, who had previously touched up on Sanya’s makeup. She shouted at Drew for not giving his details so she could pay him for the same. Drew talked about being disinvited and said:

"That was hurtful."

She also said:

"I feel like you are cloud chasing."

Sanya wittingly replied to the statement by saying:

"I am a four-time Olympic gold medalist, show some respect."

Drew then talked about their friendship and said:

"That is relationship, we are all different."

Marlo and Kenya will also be seen having an argument about lying. The two can be seen having brunch with other women in the preview. While talking about charity, Kenya confessed that she "got picked on" every day and said:

"I grew on hand-me-downs."

Kenya accused Marlo of turning things around on her and asked about her lying about her health to not attend functions. She said:

"You talk sh*t about me behind my back."

Kenya and Sheree will also fight over their issues. In the preview, Drew videocalls Marlo to talk about the fight. Marlo informed her friend that Sanya sided with Kenya, to which Drew replied:

"She’s betting on the wrong team."

Marlo and her family can be seen praying for Marlo’s sister, who is having some mental health issues.

Kenya will confront Kandi over her gifting s*x toys to the women and can be heard saying:

"I felt it was very inappropriate."

Sanya will give her 2012 Olympic medal as a trophy to the winner of a dance competition.

The episode description reads:

"Sheree and Marlo question if Kandi has been a good friend. Drew and Sanya fall out over another rescinded invitation. Kenya and Sheree hash out their issues. Marlo has a tough phone call with one of her family members that leaves her and the boys in an emotional state."

What happened on RHOA last week?

Last week, Sanya disinvited Drew from her photoshoot as she felt it was not the right place to address their issues. Drew also said she would not attend her girl’s night out party. This offended Sanya’s mother.

Kenya wanted to surprise Sheree by planning a dinner, but Kenya did not attend the dinner and video called Marlo instead to say that she was unwell. Sheree was also upset with Kandi for not contacting her after what happened to her in Philadelphia.

RHOA airs on Bravo every Sunday at 8 pm ET.

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