What time will UK thriller Trigger Point air on Peacock? Release date, trailer, and more about bomb disposal drama

Peacock's official poster for Trigger Point (Image via Peacock)
Peacock's official poster for Trigger Point (Image via Peacock)

Peacock is all set to bring British thriller Trigger Point to its platform and give viewers something new to binge on.

Created and written by Daniel Brierley, the series follows the story of Lana Washington. As an ex-military bomb disposal operative and veteran, she takes her expertise to the streets of London, countering terrorist threats as part of a bomb squad.

Trigger Point is all set to premiere on Friday, July 8, at 3:00 AM ET. Here's everything viewers need to know about the upcoming British series.

Everything you need to know about Trigger Point ahead of its Peacock release

Trigger Point is directed by Gilles Bannier and Jennie Darnell. It originally aired in January this year on ITV, and has a total of six episodes spanning 60 minutes each. All the episodes were filmed in London.

The synopsis for the series reads:

"Lana Washington is an ex-military bomb disposal operative (known as an 'Expo') and Afghan War veteran who heads a Metropolitan Police bomb squad, using her skills to counter the terrorist threat."

The series stars Vicky McClure, Adrian Lester, Tom Stokes, Gavin Sibson, Cal MacAninch, Gwynfor Jones, Mark Stanley, Manjinder Virk, Eric Shango, Ralph Ineson, Warren Brown, Kerry Godliman, Nabil Elouahabi, Nadine Marshall, Kris Hitchen, Ewan Mitchell, Michael Akinsulire, Lucy Russell, Salima Saxton, Rick Warden, Kevin Eldon, Tamzin Griffin, Neil Stoddart, Camilla Power, Jennifer Castle and Mo Idriss.

Trigger Point gained success overseas after earning critical acclaim on Stan in Australia. The series has also been acquired by Pumpkin Film in China, DBS provider OSN in the Middle East, and TVNZ for New Zealand. It will possibly expand to countries like the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Sweden.

Check out the trailer for the thriller


The trailer for Trigger Point was released last month by Peacock and gave viewers their first look at Vicky McClure and Adrian Lester as Lana Washington and Joel Nutkins, respectively. As bomb disposal operatives, they are serving together in Afghanistan.

The series is executively produced by Jimmy Mulville, Mark Redhead and Jessica Sharkey. In an interview with Memorable TV, creator Daniel Brierley explained how the show was inspired by a documentary about bomb disposal specialists operating in Northern Ireland during the Troubles. He stated:

"I've always been fascinated by the mindset of people approaching danger, the people who run towards the problem rather than run away from it, because that’s counter to all our human instincts. If I saw something dangerous in the street, I would turn and walk in the other direction, so these operatives were training themselves to suppress something really natural. I thought that was a really fascinating jumping off point for a drama and I wanted to get inside their mindset."

He further spoke about McClure's character, Lana Washington, saying:

"She’s real, vibrant and complicated. She really fits in with the central paradox of the story, how do you train yourself to be this cool in the face of danger and then survive in the real world and have relationships? For me you can’t really have Lana without having Joel, they are part of a double act. He’s the only one who sees all the sides of her – she never has to pretend around him and he gets her. They have this symbiotic relationship and they both complete the other. So I couldn’t have Lana, who is raw, vulnerable and wears her heart on her sleeve, without having a character like Joel who is the opposite."

Catch Trigger Point on Peacock from Friday, July 8, 2022.

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