When will Below Deck Adventure premiere on Bravo? Release date, trailer, cast and more details explored

The Below Deck franchise keeps on growing! (Images via kasie.faddah, faye_clarkemua and capt_kerry/ Instagram)
The Below Deck franchise keeps on growing! (Images via kasie.faddah, faye_clarkemua and capt_kerry/ Instagram)

The Below Deck franchise is set to release a new show, Below Deck Adventure. The series will premiere on Bravo on November 1 at 9 pm ET. The episodes will also be made available on Peacock one day after the television premiere.

Below Deck Adventure will take charter guests to the Fjords of Norway in the superyacht Mercury, where guests will participate in extremely adventurous activities like rappelling and cave-diving. The yacht will be led by Captain Kerry Titheradge and The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Heather Gay, who will make a special appearance on the show as a charter guest.

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Bravo released a thrilling trailer for Below Deck Adventure on September 7, and unlike other franchises, the show will provide "thrill-inducing excursions" to the guests, including paragliding, cave explorations, and extreme helicopter rides above coastal cliffs.

In the trailer, chef Jess Condy says,

"This is the real deal. You fall in the water in the Bahamas, you just catch a tan. Here you could get hypothermia and die."

The trailer also teases many love angles and a potential boat crash. As he said in the trailer, Captain Kerry’s leadership style will be different than other captains.

"If they don't wanna listen they can f**k off."

The trailer also shows many extreme parties and boatmances in the hot tub.

About the cast of Below Deck Adventure

Faye Clarke: Chief Stew

Chief Stew Faye Clarke grew up in Southeast London and was a competitive child. She traveled the world for more than a decade and left her comfortable corporate job in Italy to join the yachting world. She will face many issues during her time on the Below Deck Adventure yacht, including how to handle the interior team and gain respect from the crew.

Jess Condy: Chef

Chef Jessica Conde is a certified nutrition coach and has a specialty in preparing Mediterranean and Asian-fusion cuisine. On the show, Jess will be seen working in the cold and extreme seas of Norway for the first time in her life.

She will be seen struggling to adapt to the lack of provisions on her journey. She is a perfectionist, but in the trailer, a guest can be seen complaining about having hair in her food.

Kasie Faddah: Stew

Kasie is a Costa Rica-residing adventurer and adrenaline junkie. She is originally from Seattle. Kasie comes from the Mormon church and wants to live her life defying the rules of the church. She is also involved in flying trapezes, aerial arts, and beach volleyball.

Kerry Titheradge: Captain

Captain Kerry Titheradge has more than 30 years of experience working on boats and has sailed in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, and Pacific Northwest. He has worked 20 years on yachts and likes to spend time with his kids in Palm Beach Gardens.

Bravo has teased a challenge for the captain as a crew member of Below Deck Adventure will become disobedient very early on in his journey.

Kyle Dickard: Deckhand

Kyle grew up in Texas and left his home at the age of 19 to travel the world. He started working on yachts in the Bahamas and now has more than 5 years of experience as a deckhand. He will be seen getting into an argument with another crew member.

Lewis Lupton: Bosun

Lewis will create a lot of chaos on the yacht (Image via Bravo)
Lewis will create a lot of chaos on the yacht (Image via Bravo)

Lewis graduated from the United Kingdom Sailing Academy and has experience working in the Mediterranean. He is an "amiable" leader, and according to his Bravo description, he was quickly promoted from being a deckhand to the first officer on his last yacht.

He might face trouble on the yacht, maintaining the line between being a boss and a friend to other crew members. Lewis will be seen romancing Oriana Schenps.

Michael Gilman: Deckhand

Michael, or Mike, is originally from Long Island. He left his computer science degree to work at sea. Mike has worked as a deckhand on commercial vessels for many years and wants to know if the yacht industry is right for him.

Nathan Morley: Deckhand

Nathan has liked fishing and diving since he was a child and asked a captain for a job, as a joke, when he was 18. He has five years of experience as a deckhand. Nathan is also interested in hiking, ax throwing, snowboarding, and yoga.

Oriana Schneps: Stew

Oriana worked at a Boston aquarium when she was in high school, and since then she has been fascinated by water. In college, Oriana participated in a Bahamas-based scuba diving research expedition and entered the yachting industry.

She has worked as a chief stew on a yacht before this experience and will be seen getting into conflict with her crewmates to get her job done on Below Deck Adventure.

Below Deck Adventure will air on Bravo every Tuesday at 9 pm ET from November 1.

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