Where to buy Air Jordan 36 Taco Jay shoes? Release date, price and more details explored 

Air Jordan 9 Taco Jay special edition shoes (Image via Twitter/@fanofbasketbal2)
Air Jordan 9 Taco Jay special edition shoes (Image via Twitter/@fanofbasketbal2)

While NBA player Jayson Tatum is focused on his Finals matchup with the Golden State Warriors, a new “Taco Jay” colorway of Air Jordan 36 from his Jordan Brand collection seems to be on the way. The hue of the upcoming pair is a nod to the player’s love for Tacos.

The Air Jordan 36 “Taco Jay” sneakers will drop on Friday, June 17, 2022, at 10.00 am EST. Tatum fans who are looking to buy these playful Air Jordans can easily fetch them via Nike's online store as well as affiliated sellers. These vibrant yellow pairs will be sold for $195 per pair.

Air Jordan 36 Taco Jay colorway is dedicated to Jayson Tatum

Take a closer look at the Air Jordan 9 Taco Jay shoes (Image via Sportskeeda)
Take a closer look at the Air Jordan 9 Taco Jay shoes (Image via Sportskeeda)

The Celtics' star player had previously disclosed that his trademark sneaker was in the works, confirming that he will continue to add his flair to the newly developed Jordan Brand models like Air Jordan 34 and Air Jordan 35.

In 2022, he combined his "Taco Jay" love with Air Jordan 36, which was earlier witnessed on Air Jordan 34 PE, which was launched in 2020.

This is what the label says about the design’s inspiration,

“Jayson Tatum's favorite food is tacos, which is why he goes by the nickname Taco Jay. Fun taco graphics abound while "TACO JAY" is written on the insole and pull tabs.”
« Taco Jay » de retour sur la Air Jordan 36…

The shoe description of Taco Jay Air Jordan 36 on the brand’s official website reads,

“Prep for the game by lacing up your AJs, win the game by channeling the heat of 'Taco Jay.' The 36th generation of Air Jordan celebrates the newest superstars to build the game, and this model is all about Jayson Tatum. Bridging tunnel style with performance tech, the design pays homage to Jay's intensity on the court—and fiery hot-sauce-and-cheese inspired colors nod to his favorite post-game food.”

The pair shines strongly in both concept and colour schemes, fueled by Tatum's fondness for tacos as a post-game family party. The Air Jordan 36 seems to have a flurry of colors, with accents of orange and green reflecting various taco flavors. The theme's mascot, a grumpy taco with a swoosh on its head, returns to perch dramatically on the lacing unit.

No es la primera vez que el amor por los tacos de Jayson Tatum se refleja en una par y se deja ver lo que será la combinación para el Air Jordan 36 se dice que su lanzamiento será el próximo 17 de Junio al mismo precio 4299 pesos Air Jordan 36 Nitro “Taco Jay” #GnzSneakersMx

Additional elements include the words "TACO" and "JAY" on the left and right shoes. The insoles of each shoe in the pair are painted with different shades and adorned with bespoke motifs. Ultimately, the noteworthy cardboard packaging is decorated with Taco Jay lettering on top and colorful caricatures on the inside.

To distribute the load, a full-length Zoom Air Strobel device is bonded directly to the top, sitting just underneath the foot. In the meantime, an energy-returning Zoom Air unit is packed beneath the forefoot to provide an extra burst of agility off the dribble. Edge support is provided by high side panels and a 2-loop band configuration.

Cop these fancy taco shoes on June 17, for $195 via Nike's e-commerce website.

In related news, Michael Jordan’s eponymous brand is also preparing for the launch of its latest Jordan Series “Taco Jay” sneakers, which will be offered from June 17 onwards. Priced at $80, these pairs will be released alongside the aforementioned shoes. Both Jordan Series and Air Jordan 36 pairs will be a tribute to Jayson Tatum.

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