Where to buy Carhartt WIP FW22 collection? Price and more details explored 

Carhartt WIP Fall/Winter 2022 Lookbook (Image via Carhartt WIP)
Carhartt WIP Fall/Winter 2022 Lookbook (Image via Carhartt WIP)

Carhartt WIP (Work In Progress) is noted for its subtle interpretation of the brand's iconic workwear pieces, which mixes fine fabrics and robust designs. The label recently unveiled its Fall/Winter 2022 collection, offering a revitalized and multifaceted perspective on its fundamental workwear clothing designs.

The complete Fall/Winter 2022 lineup can be easily viewed from Carhartt WIP’s e-commerce website. As of now, these clothing items are not available for purchase, but you can stay tuned to the fashion label’s website for quick updates and release dates of these FW22 designs. The starting price for the assortment is as low as $45, which goes up to $515. The items are expected to arrive on the brand's online store anytime soon.

Carhartt WIP revealed Fall/Winter 2022 Lookbook inspired from Baroque and Scandinavian esthetics

Carhartt Work in Progress offered a wide assortment of workwear styles (Image via Carhartt WIP)
Carhartt Work in Progress offered a wide assortment of workwear styles (Image via Carhartt WIP)

The newly-designed collection, which amplifies grungy clothing, draws inspiration from tapestries exhibiting Baroque influences, Scandinavian esthetics, and the Nineties Youth Crew punk scene in New York City.

The wide assortment offers the label's iconic canvas outerwear, bomber jackets, laidback denim, cargo trousers, flannel shirts and more, with a focus on functionality as well as durability. Fisherman-styled pullovers, buttoned varsity jackets, cotton zipped hoodies, aprons, chino bottomwear and scarves are also included in the collection.

Most of the collection is manufactured from Dearborn Canvas, however certain pieces have had their beauty heightened with laser aging treatments. Designed predominantly with a muted color scheme, the apparel collection offers shades of plum, seaweed green, beige, ale, dark cedar, hamilton brown, stormy blue, dark navy and black.

Items offered under the new Fall/Winter 2022 collection

Take a look at a few clothing items designed under the FW22 lineup (Image via Carhartt WIP)
Take a look at a few clothing items designed under the FW22 lineup (Image via Carhartt WIP)
  • The Madera Reversible Jacket can be availed for $338.

  • Black Fonda Gloves are priced at $128.
  • Brody Sweatshirt Pullover can be availed for $218.
  • South Sweat Pant will be dropped for $205 each.
  • Arlington Coat, which features Ale colorway, is marked at $408.
  • Hooded Vista Sweatshirt can be availed for $218 that is made in Boxwood color scheme.
  • The Vista Long-sleeve T-shirt is marked at $88 in the Dusty Hamilton Brown color scheme.
  • Regular Cargo Pant, which is crafted with garment dyed twill, is available in artichoke colorway for $148.
  • The Active Cold Jacket in Cypress color scheme is marked with a $408 price tag.
  • Manning Check shirt jacket fashioned with Dark Umber color scheme is priced at $295.
  • Clan Scarf made in Dark Cedar hue can be availed for $88 apiece.
  • Letterman Jacket featuring Dark Cedar and Ochre color palette is $338.
  • Landon Pant executed with heavy stone wash style is priced at $148.
  • OG Santa Fe Jacket Ammonite will be available for $338.
  • Brandon Pant with blue stone bleached style will be available for $148.
  • OG Active Jacket in Dark Plum shade made with aged canvas is marked at $338.
  • Verse Cardigan in Dark Navy color will be purchasable for $265.
  • Kenard Pant in Vulcan colorway can be availed for $265.
  • Asher Check Shirt in Hamilton Brown color is $178.
  • Kirby Jacket in Hamilton Brown will be priced at $438.
  • Kirby Pant in Hamilton Brown color scheme is marked at $208.
  • Highland Barron Check Jacket featuring Dark Navy shades can be availed for $438.
  • A Hooded Chase sweatshirt is constructed using Grey Heather color palette and it can be bought for $108.
  • Blue Marlow Pant will cost you $118.
  • The Syd Beanie, made using Dark Cedar hue, is priced at $58.
  • Milton Jacket is fashioned with a Seaweed color palette that will cost you $515.
  • Millen Jacket can be bought for $368.
  • Women’s Simple Denim Pant is marked at $135.
  • Kirby Apron made in Hamilton Brown colorway can be availed for $108.
  • Emma Sweater in Misty Sage colorway is priced at $178.
  • Women’s Plains Liner made with Black Joyride Jacquard is priced at $248.
  • The Chester t-shirt is marked at $55.
  • Women’s Bib Double Knee can be availed for $248.
  • Women’s Arlington Bomber is priced at $368.
  • Women’s Simple Corduroy Pant made in Dark Umber colorway is priced at $135.
  • Storm Blue toned Farrow Liner is priced at $218.
  • Women’s Hooded Nelson sweatshirt is priced at $178.
  • Letterman Cap can be bought for $58.
  • Black Seri Long-sleeve t-shirt is marked at $68.
  • Ammonite toned Collins Pant is priced at $128.
  • Women’s Black Kirby Jacket will cost you $368.
  • Sensory t-shirt will be sold for $75.
  • Women’s Vine Beanie is marked at $45 each.

Interested buyers can visit Carhartt WIP’s official shopping site to take a closer look at the upcoming designs.

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