Where to buy Gucci Lovelight collection? Price and more details explored 

Gucci Lovelight collection is now available for purchase (Image via Sportskeeda)
Gucci Lovelight collection is now available for purchase (Image via Sportskeeda)

Gucci's design director Alessandro Michele's universe is packed with free-spirited and euphoric designs. This inspired the "Lovelight" collection, an online-only collection that boasts exquisite styles and artistic patterns. This entire collection is ideal for revamping both your jewelry collection as well as your wardrobe.

The intricately crafted Gucci "Lovelight" collection is easily accessible via the luxury fashion label's e-commerce store. The pricing for the assortment begins with $195, and it goes up to a whopping $6,450. A selection of both apparel and accessories is presented under this collection. Note that this range can only be availed via online stores of Gucci.

Gucci Lovelight collection is exclusive for the brand's online stores

Take a look at a few items from the Lovelight collection (Image via Gucci)
Take a look at a few items from the Lovelight collection (Image via Gucci)

Alessandro Michele intends to echo the romantic narrative of the fashion house with his latest designs. Loaded with prints that portray comets, hearts, floral arrangements, and classic tea set motifs, the collection is described by Gucci as,

“Expanding on the exploration of geometric codes from past collections, diamond-shaped patches of leather are stitched together to create a colorful design recalling one of the House’s emblematic symbols.”

Choices for both men and women are included in the lineup. The comprehensive collection offers nylon jackets, sweatshirts, hoodies, sweaters, tote bags, mini bags, denim pants, cotton trousers, linen t-shirts, satin hairbands, bracelets, rings, skirts, gilets, tops, dresses, shirts, bowling shirts, jogging pants, cropped sweatshirts, and more. The idea behind this Lovelight assortment is described as follows,

“Joyful expression of heritage.”
Captured by #GregoireDyer, the #GucciLovelight campaign portrays friends in a carousel of light-hearted quotidian moments. Creative Direction by #AlessandroMichele. Art Direction by #LolitaJacobs and #JeanBaptisteTalbourdetNapoleone. Discover more

Loafers, sandals, and Screener sneakers in different colors like blue, pink, purple, and more are added to this selection for head-to-toe chic looks.

Items offered under the online exclusive Lovelight collection

Gucci Lovelight collection (Image via Gucci)
Gucci Lovelight collection (Image via Gucci)
  1. Silk Neck bow is $195 apiece.
  2. Diana small tote bag is marked at $6,000.
  3. Diana mini tote bag is priced at $5,000.
  4. Heart Check tweed gilet can be availed for $2,600.
  5. Heart check tweed skirt priced at $1,150.
  6. Double G necklace retails for $890.
  7. Double G ring can be availed for $370.
  8. Printed cotton sweater is priced at $1,850.
  9. Printed cotton t-shirt will cost $890.
  10. Slingback mid-heels with Horsebit are marked at $980.
  11. Crystal ballet flats with Horsebit cost $920.
  12. Bamboo 1947 small top handle bag is priced at $6,450.
  13. Diana mini bag with bamboo, decorated with hearts and checks, retails for $1,900.
  14. Floral embroidered cotton dress is marked at $3,300.
  15. Screener sneakers, loaded with coarse glitters, are priced at $1,050.
  16. Screener shoes made with premium pale suedes are offered in two colorways: pink and purple. They are priced at $950.
  17. Satin hairbands adorned with square-G retail for $460 apiece.
  18. The double-G bracelets are priced at $570 each.
  19. Cotton-printed polo tops are marked at $1,150.
  20. Cotton embroidered cardigan is priced at $3,700.
  1. Sandals decorated with flowers are offered in three pastel colorways: blue, yellow, and pink. They can be bought for $1,290 per pair.
  2. Stars ramage wool silk gilet and skirt retail for $2,700 and $1,400 each.
  3. Interlocking G macrame dress is marked at $5,900.
  4. Canvas bucket hats offered in two shades can be availed for $590 apiece.
  5. Cotton knit cardigans are priced at $3,700.
  6. Loafers with Horsebit come with a retail price tag of $1,150 per pair.
  7. The silk scarf is offered in pink and blue colorways and retails for $495.
  8. Denim straight-leg pants can be bought for $1,400
  9. "Gucci Loved" lace shirt, top, and dress are $1,980, $2,100, and $3,600, respectively.
  10. The cotton viscose top and skirt will cost you $1,800 each.
  11. Cropped cotton sweatshirt can be availed for $2,100.
  12. Pleated silk skirt adorned with colorful prints retails for $2,800.
  13. The dainty crochet hat made with interlocking G costs $710 apiece.
  14. Finely prepared Lizard-textured loafers are created in red and taupe colorways, each pair of these will cost you $1,050.
  15. Specialized fit sunglasses in different colors are priced at $695 each.
  16. Floral print fans retail for $555.
  17. Hooded nylon jackets cost $2,980.
  18. Printed bowling shirts are priced at $1,150
  19. A pair of Denim jacket with web and denim pants with embroidery is priced at $2,600 and $1,100, respectively.
  20. Printed wool shawls are marked at $730 apiece.
  21. Graphic-heavy cotton-jersey hooded sweatshirts and jogging pant come with a price tag of $2,300 and $1,850.
  22. Wool Cardigan with patches can be availed for $1,980.
  23. Cotton jersey sweater will cost you $1,980.
  24. Denim shorts with embroidery can be bought for $1,150.

Pick your faves from this brilliantly executed "Lovelight" lineup currently available on Gucci's website.

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