Where to buy Gnarhunters X Nike SB Dunk Low? Price and more to explore

Gnarhunters X Nike SB Dunk Low (Nike SB)
Gnarhunters X Nike SB Dunk Low (Nike SB)

Sportswear giant Nike is collaborating with skate and surf label Gnarhunters for their popular silhouette Dunk Low, under the sub-label Nike SB (Skateboard). Teased earlier this year, in January 2022, the shoes finally saw the light of the day on May 24, 2022.

Coming dressed in a black / black / white colorway, the Gnarhunters x Nike SB Dunk Low was launched on May 24, 2022, and could be exclusively availed via Nike SB Skateshops such as Escapist at 405 SOUTHWEST BLVD STE 100, Core Skateshop at 10467 N. MAY AVE, Infinity at 5528 S LINDBERGH BLVD, and many more Local Skateshops.

If the raffle period at your local Nike skateshop has already ended, you can go to reseller sites like StockX to get your pairs at a somewhat higher price than retailer prices.

More about the recently released Gnarhunters x Nike SB Dunk Low sneakers

recently released Nike SB Dunk Low sneakers (Image via Nike SB)
recently released Nike SB Dunk Low sneakers (Image via Nike SB)

The partnership between Elissa Steamer's brand, Gnarhunters, and the Nike SB label kickstarted and gained recognition back in 2019 when the duo reimagined the classic pair, Nike SB Blazer Mid. Now in 2022, the duo is rolling out another classic with Nike SB Dunk Low, which is highly adored by fans and sneakerheads.

Introducing the newest collaborative sneakers, the Nike SB site reads,

"In 2019, San Francisco-based brand Gnarhunters mixed their signature surf vibes with a sleek black Blazer Mid colorway. Their sequel ups the gnar, using lux beachfront materials for the wetsuit and towel-inspired upper."

Akin to its predecessor, the SB Dunk Low silhouette is dressed in a stealthy black theme; yet it contains many finer details and nods to both the brands.

Nike SB Dunk Low in Gnarhunter's makeover (Image via Nike SB)
Nike SB Dunk Low in Gnarhunter's makeover (Image via Nike SB)

The sneakers are constructed in a mix of materials such as terry cloth, carpet-like materials, leather, canvas and padded nylon, which makes the pair texturally captivating.

Profile swooshes at lateral and medial walls seemingly go without the conventional greyscale patterned arrangement of the preceding taller kin, Blazer Mid's, but they maintain both the labels' design language in texture.

The midfoot panels, toe boxes, and collar linings are made out of chenille-reminiscent, towel-like material which is sure to deliver durability and sturdity. The swooshes are constructed out of canvas material, while the overlays of the sneakers are indulged in black nylon fabric.

The iconic swooshes stick out of the rear of the sneakers and further adds in detailing as they come attached to the velcro and can be customized as pleased by the buyer. The interiors of the shoes are constructed in towel-like terry cloth material. The Nike SB site further adds a special element to the shoes, as their site describes the details,

"Duck diving deeper, the Gnarhunters Dunk Low SB has a bungee cord lace and toggle system and removable velcro Swoosh. Finished with a co-branded wax comb keychain, Gnarhunters tongue and heel branding, and custom art insole for added protection, the Gnarhunters Dunk is the perfect break."

More exquisite details are added with the toggle switch lacing system, which replaces the conventional lacing, while the laces are made out of a bungee cord pattern. Co-branding touches can be seen accentuating the heel area and tongue.

The swooshes are sticking out from the rear, below which the "GNAR" lettering can be seen dressed in white. The tongue features "Gnarhunters" branding done in a hand-drawn style to showcase the raw aesthetics of the steamer's affinity.

The insoles complement the graphics of Gnarhunter's iconic "Fun Screen" and snorkel, which are a nod to Elissa Steamer's personal interest in surfing.

The shoes come accompanied by partly-serrated hangtags and the look is finished off with all white soles. The Nike SB Dunk Low sneakers were released exclusively in skateshops for $120 on May 24, 2022.

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